Anybody From Spokane WA?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaDego, May 27, 2009.

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    I have been on this forum for a little while, so I am not formally introducing myself, but want to find out if there are any cool peeps here from Spokane WA?

    I have moved here recently from Cali, and do not know anybody, and would love to hook up, possibly hang out with cool, chill, drama free, 420 friendly people.

    I apologize in advance if this should be in the General forum.

    Happy Smoking!
  2. I was actually planning on moving to Spokane, but did some research on the place, and eh didn't seem so welcoming. So I'm sticking to VA for the time-being, how are you liking it so far?
  3. I'm from Spokane. Out of town for the summer, but will return in the fall.
  4. I usually spend a week or two in spokane every year, yeah
  5. dude. im from coeur d alene. 30 miles over :eek:
  6. Yeah..I drive/ride out that way a lot...
  7. Where is Richland?
  8. I like it...not looking forward to the winter though! I am originally from Montana, but lived in Cali for almost 9 years...I would love to make it back to the East Coast though. I liked VA, but fell in love with South Carolina!
  9. On summer Vacation?
  10. I know two people that are moving to Spokane
  11. That is cool....:cool:
  12. About an hour to the south. Aka Tri-Cities, Hanford.
  13. i was in spokane last weekend, my GF goes to EWU and i drove up there. remindes me of a bigger version of yakima
  14. I dont know what kind of bud Spokane gets, but here in Richland we can get some dank bud....let me connect went down within the last 24 hours and i am needing a new one..
  15. spokane's bomb. good stuff that town is. happy summer!
  16. Yes indeed.
  17. Cool. Bet you can't wait to get back here for the winter! NOT!!!
  18. I have family over in Spokane. I liked it when I was over there last x-mas.
  19. Haha yeah no kidding.
    I live on campus though so I don't have to drive for the most part during the winter, so it's not that bad.

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