Anybody from Finland?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ease, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Hey I'm pretty new to this forum, and I'm just wondering if anyone is from Finland on GC? I'm not really expecting a reply as it is pretty unlikely..
  2. I'm not from finland. I know a girl from finland, her name is like yergovats or something. Know her?
  3. That is not a Finnish name dude
  4. Maybe it was Claire. Idk.
  5. But I have to admit yergovats is so much cooler name than claire don't ya think?
  6. Yergovats? Hell yeah. I made it up didn't I? hahaha. sorry. It's 4:00 in the morning here and i felt like messing with the foreign guy.
  7. Did you make up Gorak aswell? Pretty random if you ask me
  8. They don't have south park in finland huh? Comedy central? What TV do you funky fins watch?
  9. Nah we don't have comedy central but yeah I've watched a fair amount of south park, never seen that episode.. watch this shit :[ame=]YouTube - Nazi parody[/ame]
    Thats extremely bad finnish television
  10. So do you guys watch that stuff? We have bad tv too but we dont watch it.

    long story short,
    Kyle and stan find a man frozen in ice under some snow and he's from the year 1998. they think hes a primitive caveman. They call him Gorak.
  11. Haha no we don't watch that stuff.. as I said its very bad television..
  12. You crazy fins and your cell phones. Hahahaha.
  14. I live in OKLAHOMA ok? Dank is 25 a gram and shwag is getting dull.

  15. Yeah i guess thats about the same here. 20e per gram for supposedly good weed. Man i wish I lived in England again. It was 10 pounds for about a 1.6 baggie which is pretty good as it was always dank
  16. You aren't stuck anywhere near smelly (lol) mexico and there rock weed. So bleh!
  17. Haha but I bet it's cheap there am I right?
  18. It couldn't be much worse man.
  19. sup Ease?
    dunno if you or anyone else still looks at this thread..
    :wave: helsinki.
    just joined today to find some other finns around here.
    moved here a few months ago and dying for some dank!
    so far, i need to ask a sister of my friend who calls her friend who calls a friend to get anything. bs much?- and still, nothing so far lol.

    bah, still, good to meet other locals

  20. 'Course we do! It's really hilarious to watch multiple episodes of South Park n' get baked all night.. Good times, mate, I tell ya.

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