Anybody Find That The Simpsons Is Ruined?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cannabis1990, May 10, 2014.

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    The simpsons has gotten so much shittier over the last several years, I can barely even tolerate watching an episode that aired in the last 5 years. Some people don't even notice it they'll say that we just got older and it's not as funny because of that, only a few people I've talked to about it in the last few years understood how shitty the show has gotten, they really sold out to appeal to a younger audience or something.
    What do you guys think?

  2. well everyshow pretty much has but considering the simpsons has been on air since 89' i think its made a great run

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  3. And plus there's so much competition with them now than before. Before there would just be simpson and maybe south park? Not sure when south park came out but now there's family guy and american dad and the Cleveland show which took everything away from the simpsons. Simpsons will always be the first cartoon show that I liked though, I always watched it when I was a kid and would never miss an episode. R.I.P The Simpsons. 
  4. Personally I think it's because I got older and tired of the Simpsons' more family friendly comedy vs South Park, American dad, family guy, etc which are much more vulgar and therefore funny to young adults such as myself
  5. Everything's crap after a while.
    The mentalist is shit now Aswell.

    The only long running one I liked. Was csi New York why they cancelled that is beyond me

    Stopped watching the Simpsons ages ago
  6. You make up a damn tv series that been on for years and years with movies and shit.. its hard to think of animations for 20mins. Gotta do shit right and make original jokes every time.. it gets old.. and its hard work.
    hmm fair point, but the humor itself has changed over the past 8 years or so, it got cheesy they didn't stick to their witty jokes and started to dumb it down to make it more mainstream, I love South Park because they remained smart and witty all this time
  8. I have... Its kinda sad to see what my favorite childhood show turned to.
  9. Ummm ... idk about family friendly comedy, you know that they showed Homer hitting a dope (speed) pipe right? That doesn't exactly scream "family friendly" to me. That's actually when I stopped watching. 
  10. Yeah the shows differnt than what it uest to be....I'd say like 8-10 years ago it started happening. I think it was to compete with Family Guys crazy antics and how that show took off.
    I started watchin some Family Guy once it came out, but I havent watched a full episode of Simpsons or Family Guy in a while. Prolly a good thing tho lol TV can be addicting at times
  11. Yeah man the Simpsons ain't what it used to be but they had one hell of a run. Family guy will be the next to go IMO.
  12. Best cartoon there is IMO
  13. It used to be more realistically orientated but the advent of family guys ridiculousness has caused it to branch out, thus losing the appeal it used to have, I feel
  14. "It tastes like burning." :)
  15. theres only so many really unique stories you can do to before the quality degrades and the story and jokes have to become more meaningless,fast paced, situational, and cheap.
  16. Yep, it's been shitty for years now, they should cancel it already. I enjoy watching older episodes though..
  17. They had a great run, but yeah i'd have to agree that the new episodes are shit. Now it's like every single fucking plot is related to pop-culture in some way, they used to be original, funny, and witty, now they just make shitty jokes about today's society. But they're too family-friendly to pull off all the raunchy and controversial pop-culture jokes like family guy or southpark so it just ends up getting boring.
  18. I always that Matt Groening did a better job with Futurama anyway.

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