Anybody feeling some bad vibes tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sharktooth777, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. Just wondering, anyone else, especially in the Ohio area, feeling some bad vibes tonight? There's just some negative energy hanging around. Something is going down. It's too damn quiet.
  2. I'm a state east of you but no bad vibes here. Just bored watching tv, listening to music and chilling on the city. On a t-break for a week or two so I'm not blazed.
  3. man i feelin like in the near future big shits gonna happen, chillin in dallas
  4. True that man. Something big is happening. This shit is too much for me to handle. All night I've had a feeling like someone's following me, watching and shit.
  5. I'm south of you, feeling fine down here :smoke:
  6. you guys are trippin

  7. that's what im saying :hippie:
  8. Well, I truly hope these feelings are bunk. I really don't want anything to happen to anyone tonight. All I say is, stay in the light guys. Especially outside.
  9. It's cool man don't get worked up. Make yourself a nice healthy sandwich (whole wheat of course) and smoke a bowl or two and hit the hay to get a nice nights sleep.:cool:
  10. jammin :)
  11. i feel like shit. but the lakers won so its all good

  12. this...
    tho i dont feel like shit.
    quite fresh actually...:smoking:
    Hit a bowl of sum good, pop on a good ass movie..
    Go Lakerz.:D
  13. Oh shit bad time for benadryl, shadow people.
  14. im gettting bad vibes now cause its like 2:30, i have school tomorrow
    but im having trouble breathing so i have to stay up
  15. bad vibes all day man. getting really pissed that there is no work. might not be able to pay insurance / phone bill if it keeps up.

    but i was high earlier and it was heaven.

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