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Anybody experience nausea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Casstheelf, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. I think I'm experiencing nausea when smoking due to an interaction with a prescription anti anxiety I was prescribed at the beginning of this year. Nausea used to be constant but since I stopped smoking within 3/4 hours of taking my medication, the nausea confines itself almost entirely to the time I'm high. Prescription anti nausea meds are sometimes helpful, sometimes useless.

    Anybody have any experience with marijuana interacting with prescriptions?
  2. Maybe it's your prescriptions interacting with your other prescriptions...sounds like too many damn pills (I used to be on a plethora of pharma garbage). What's the purpose of you smoking marijuana (beyond recreationally) when it's got the ability to be your anti-emetic and anti-anxiety....if you can stop taking the pills. Otherwise don't use marijuana, even recreationally if it makes you feel shitty...that just makes 0 sense.
  3. I have only experienced nausea since starting the benzo, which is known for its anti emetic uses. Oddly enough, marijuana is too. And it doesn't make me feel shitty. It really helps with my anxiety, low appetite, stress, etc. Nausea is just an unfortunate side effect.
  4. Interesting, then don't take the benzo if marijuana helps with your anxiety and problem solved, right?
  5. I wish. Marijuana helps acute panic. The benzo helps keep me in a healthy state of mind. My body is super sensitive and when I smoke, I can't really get tasks done. It chills me out so I can lay down and rest and recover from whatever ailment is troubling me. I can't smoke mj during the day because it makes me sleepy. (Edibles, vaping, smoking, tinctures... all of it gives me a solid high for a while then I usually have to sleep).

    The benzo is necessary for day to day functioning, and I'm able to make rational decisions that I otherwise couldn't without it or with marijuana.
  6. Have you asked your psychiatrist? Surely with your psych problems you have one.
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  7. Indeed. But with it still being illegal in most places, there haven't been a ton of studies on it. My psych is as confused as I am because with the information we have now, this seems to not have a reasonable cause. After all, they're both anti nausea/anti emetic. So she isn't much help either.
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