anybody ever use this lotus bulb or know if its worth it?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by TG42, Jun 13, 2012.


    I have been looking at this bulb and am vest interested in it to go with some other cfl or Led bulbs for my cabinet.
    My box size is 44"x25"x15"
    Please tell me any thoughts our ideas that may help me decide what way to go.
    stealth is not my preferred way to go. But damn laws always halt the easy ways in life.
    so now IM building this little box of love. And want to get Max yield possible from a low power box.

    Lets get the Shit Rollin!
    And may the dank be with you. :p
  2. just read the description from the seller...he is very foolish individual. He says his mini bulb will outperform a t5 2ft fixture without any data/proof. He is saying "125W=625W OUTPUT" :laughing:

    And at $32 per bulb, I would stay away.

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