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anybody ever try to....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fiya666, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. attempt to set up a tent somewhere stoned as shit?...i never have but i mean it sounds like quite a task.....idk anybody ever do it?
  2. All the time man...camping isn't camping to me without some bud and a campfire:devious:
  3. I've set up a tent... drunk, high, tripping, oped out, rolling, downered out, and pain killed. I fucking love festivals.
  4. I think I'd probably give up and end up sleeping on the ground :p
    Actually it probably wouldn't be all that hard, but one of those tent you throw into the air and sets itself up would be nice. They aren't that expensive either haha.
  5. goddamn.........this is one experienced tent man

  6. Happened to me once, except i was drunk, naked, and it was 40 degrees out:eek:
  7. Yeah, its not bad. Except we didn't have a tent so we made one out of tarps, ropes and duct tape.
  8. u slept on the 40 degree weather?

  9. AGAIN, I was drunk:p

  10. I've set up a tent or two before in my day. I live in the woods pretty much so the majority of my partying in high school was done in random fields... Great times :bongin:
  11. but stilll!! i mean i would have to be pretty fucking gone out of my mind to fall asleep in 40 degree weather...NAKED AT THAT!!
  12. I took like 7 shots in a span of 5 minutes, then chugged 3 guinesses...There may be a reason right there
  13. *ponders*
  14. Every time I set up a tent to camp, im hotboxing that mofo.

    I think next time im gonna hotbox my zipped up sleeping bag:eek:

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