Anybody ever order from Dutch Passion Seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by LankySwag, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Im going to get their femmed Durban Poison, anybody else?

    Opinions? Reviews?

    Dutch Passion
  2. Never ordered from them direct but I really like their genetics.

    Durban Poison is awesome and you can get it in regs or femmed :smoke:

  3. I'm getting femmed

    I'm a little worried though because it says it only has 8.5 THC %

    I wanna grow some piff ya know :/
  4. Can you explain what piff is I'm kinda confused

  5. Schwag



    Cali medical
  6. Didn't know that cali meds are crap....,.........

    Guess all those clones I've bought. are worthless.

  7. Lolwut

    That list goes from lowest grade-highest, but that's not what the thread about anyway
  8. ^^ ohh. okay..misunderstood. :eek: ^^

    most of these guys out claiming 20+% THC are full of it, you know?

    Harborside medical tests each of their products, and the most THC was about 17%, from a SSH crop.

    so I'd say, if grown correctly, you would be hard pressed to call Durban "schwag". Same rules apply in my book for any bagseed found. even super seedy ass Mexican brick buds.


  9. Yea thanks for the help.

    I'm just gonna go with it and hope its a great smoke
  10. I wouldn't worry about that, Durban can be very potent. Their Orange Bud also has a listed low THC content and thats just about the best skunk strain I've ever had :smoke:

  11. Thanks, this is reassuring! Phew! 8)

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