Anybody ever notice orange juice?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MesKiDcudi, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    So i poured myself some orange juice today and I noticed that orange juice is really fuckin weirddd.
    It's not what you would expect orange juice to be like. If I took a juicy ass orange and juiced it...

    I would not expect to end up with this weird, more yellow than orange, egg yolk looking liquor.

    Am I just that high? :p
  2. Orange juice heals me when I'm sick.

    It quenches me when I'm parched.

    I like it with my mcdonalds.

    Orange juice is incredible.

    Orange juice.

  3. I definitely pictured that in a royal frog voice.
  4. [quote name='"MesKiDcudi"']

    I definitely pictured that in a royal frog voice.[/quote]

    Lmao dude I smoked a bowl at like 5 this morning and photoshopped that...

    Great success?
  5. Mind. Blown.

    The jucie of an orange comes out clear when you jucie it. Dosen't it? WTF
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  7. It does get all the pulp and other shit filtered out so its a pure liquid. Maybe thats why you think its weird?

    But Ive made my own orange juice before, and ya, it tastes and looks just like tropicana with alot of pulp.

    Theres not much of a point in making your own orange juice by the way.
  8. orange juice is the bessssssssssssssssst fucking drink known to man
  9. Just look at it...

  10. I love that everyone else loves some dank buds and a glass of oj. its amazing
  11. Nothings better than some good ol' Kush and OJ :smoke:
  12. One of the best bowl o' chron companions, IMHO. Orange Juice (GOOD shit) is in fact, the fucking shit. :smoke: I now have to locate some, you've inspired me. :wave:
  13. fresh squeezed orange juice is still kind of orange. just not as orange as the stuff you buy at the store. its probably all the shit they add to it that makes it that weird color

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