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anybody ever had a strain called lemon thor???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by leodicapario, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. No but i would like to know the genetics lol
  2. i was thinking lemon skunk + godbud.. but i never heard of it and google hasnt either...
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    [quote name="PassDat" post="18755083" timestamp="1380443693"]google hasnt either...[/quote]Well maybe thats a clue to saying your dealer sold you a sack and you bought for the name and not for the looks( and probably overpaid for) in no dispencery in california have i heard that strain nor of any known growers.
  4. never overpay.. actually im in dfw texas,,, 14 a gram is best i can get here...
  5. but i only buy like half oz tops.. im sure i could get close to what u pay at a dispensary... may not have such a big variety, but i'd take the pepsi challenge....
  6. Or it's a strain that isn't sold by a breeder lol. Do you really think every strain known to man is available for purchase? There are thousands of strains that people cross themselves and stabilize. I've had some amazing bud that you can't find on the internet because it's a local strain. Not all weed comes from cali dude, there are plenty of strains there that nobody else has smoked. Weed is weed if it's good then who cares what the name is. I've also had amazing bud with no name.
  7. Sounds homemade to me.

    Probably lemon kush/sour d or some variety mixed with bagseed and a catchy name...

    Hey ever heard of dog shit? No what's dogshit man? Here, smoke some dog shit dude!
  8. Like you do with CA taxes?
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    We call it labrador where im from

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