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Anybody ever get a D.U.I. from cannabis use?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dokhollidai, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Disclaimer: I in no way plan on, or condone driving while stoned. This question is simply out of curiosity because I have never personally known anyone who has gotten a DUI from only being stoned and no other substances. How did it go down? They blood test or what? Always been curious.

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    Your movements, thoughts, and overall attitude show your high. I personally have never drove whilst high but I have a friend that owns a Kawasaki Ninja 650 and drives perfectly fine high.

    "Happy Early Turkey Day :D"
  3. The cop will decide if you are high when he is pulling you over. If you thinks you are there is a possibility to take you back to the jail and blood test you but it very rarely happens, they normally just ask to search the car.
    I started driving and smoking around the same age, so i grew up doing both of them together. The first couple times i was driving 20 under on the highway laughing. (that was when i was 16) Then i got to the point where i was delivering pizza and for about 3 years straight i did nothing but smoke CONSTANTLY on shift (sometimes 16 hours a day). I have managed to at least hit a bowl on every road in my city, even the one going to the jail and the sheriff's office. 
    And to be honest ive been in 3 wrecks in my lifetimes, every single one i was sober as could be, and my sober mind made a bad decision. Never even dented or scratched my car while high. Also im much more respectful of others on the highway while high.
  4. This. Ive only been in 2 accidents both sober and considering I drive stoned 95% of the time. I sketch about being pulled over so I drive like a sane person. 2 times ive been caught red handed smoking and driving the popo let me drive home but I think thats just cause I was 20 and my insurance n car were under my name.
  5. I never have known anyone, but ive seen it on cops. Driving stoned if youre not used to smoking probably isn't a good idea. But for regular smokers, it makes no difference at all.
  6. never heard of anyone getting a charge for that haha few got pulled over and got poesssions though for being dicks to the cops and having no respect but ya

    i enjoy driving around stoned listing to musics pretending like i can sing very relaxing


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