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Anybody ever been caught by a parent who didn't even say a word about it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Puff2XPass, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Ok, so first a little background: I'm a full time college student, live in a house that I rent, have a good paying job, make good grades, and am pretty involved in several organizations at my university. Oh, and I smoke a few times a day everyday. :smoke:

    On to the story though

    My dad was coming up early on a Saturday morning to pick me up to go home (my truck was broke down and I was going home to borrow my brother's jeep until I could get it fixed).

    I had a pretty good friday night and decided to bust out my oldest spoon for the first time in forever. Smoked a bowl or two and dump the ashes in the toilet like normal. Got a decent high going but nothing out of the ordinary, go back to my room and pass out eventually.

    Here's where it gets good lol :D I knew what time my dad was coming and was planning to set my alarm so I could get up in time to pack and everything, well something about me getting faded and remembering stuff doesn't always go hand in hand!:rolleyes:

    No biggie though right? I don't have much to pack anyways! Well I'm in my room packing and walk into my bathroom and notice there's still ash all in the toilet, so I flush it, thinking to myself "Damn, that was pretty close, good thing he didn't see that!"

    So I'm grabbing my toothbrush, contacts, etc. and my dad walks into the bathroom to tell me something, then says "I was gonna ask what that lighter was for, probably just for candles though huh?"

    At this point I look down and what's next to my lighter on the counter? My resin caked spoon!!!:eek: My heart sunk and I was just waiting for a lecture that would last the entire ride home but instead I never heard a word about it!!:hello:

    Btw I always put my stuff up when I'm done and this of course had to be the only time, but at least it worked out great! Still haven't brought it up 2 months later either :cool:

    tldr: Dad saw my spoon and didn't even mention it!

    Anyone else have any good stories to share?

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