Anybody else's family members annoy the hell out of them?

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  1. Ughhh some times my family annoys the hell out of me! We have very different viewpoints and i try to love them but i get seriously pissed off around them! any body else have the same problem?
  2. yeah my sister in law is a TOTAL BITCH...... but ive learned to

  3. lol right on! haha that image just cracks me up too thanks!
  4. Uggh my kid, he has some seriously different viewpoints.
    He annoys the hell outta me despite my efforts to love him, and I get pissed off around him.

    Hint: I think your dad has the same problem as you :)
  5. Ughh, I just have to suck it up when I'm around my family. My mom is cool as hell but the rest of them drive me nuts!!!! I'm always the type to speak my mind and push the envelope but around family that just seems to create problems so I keep my mouth closed.

    It's hard but I'd rather maintain somewhat of a family bond than lose them over my opinions on somewhat insignificant things. I accept that my mom is probably the only family I'll keep in contact with long-term. My other family members seem to be just too close minded for me. Right now I'm getting ready for my extended family to come visit for the holidays. Gotta get drunk to deal with this.
  6. Do you often drink to solve problems?
  7. Not really, I tend to be the calmest one out of all of them.
  8. [quote name='"shaddytheman"']Not really, I tend to be the calmest one out of all of them.[/quote]

    This is how I am, but at the same time my family does get on my nerves sometimes because they talk SO MUCH!
    They talk so much:( that occasionally o have to be short with them and tell them to shut up lol..
    But I love em
  9. ohh this comment..
  10. my cousin and aunt. I helped raised the boy for a few years when he was in diapers and always treated him good, but my aunt is just a horrible mother, now he is a little doucher. always lying, getting suspended from school for fighting, etc. he used to be into sports and shit when he was little but they never really got him into anything so now he plays games all day. my aunt spends all my uncle's money gambling and shit, pushing her son off onto others all the time, and she doesnt even work.

    having xmas at their house this year, I've got the samuel adams winter variety pack(ones I've tried are gross like every other beer I drink) and a bottle of amsterdam peach vodka(good shit), so I will probly be smashed if I can successfully pull it off.
  11. Werd most of them are very extroverted and I'm the only introvert in the family, I tend to find hidden ways that tricks them into ending the conversation, they don't notice but I feel relieved and less drained when I don't have to continue. The only chill person in the family besides me is my uncle and he's quiet like me, don't know if he blazes though.
  12. my family make me do house work on the day before christmas (and most weekends)... whatever happened to holidays? I've been off uni for a month and I've been busy the whole time.

    I had family gatherings (for various different occasions) EVERY saturday in december. Which meant I missed ALL the gatherings with my friends who I haven't seen in ages. AND my best mate was going to have a party but it never happened since our weekends were taken away.

    My dad gives me chores to do as a joke, but then I actually have to do them, and he thinks its funny. My family are christian and their beliefs are all fucked up so they make life harder by doing more chores so they can feel like they're self-sacrificing and being unselfish. I get dragged into doing it because they don't want to just do it themselves they want to get everyone involved. If they do work without you then they think your lazy, like I need their permission to relax and enjoy my holidays... I get dragged into helping with one man jobs where I pretty much end up doing allll the work. I can't wait to move out after I'm done with uni..
  13. I eat mushrooms to solve problems, shiitakes are my favorites, buttons are pretty good too.

    My family and I are complete opposites so I get constant judgement but it doesn't affect me at all, I need to disappear for a few months or a couple years and then come back and see how things change.
  14. You think you got it bad. My dad is ex commanding officer of a middle eastern army and extremely strict.

  15. That's weird, because my family are the only people that I don't feel "drained", as you put it, conversing with. But then most of my family is great, the ones I spend time around are anyways.

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