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anybody else's body go numb when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mic Tyson, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. this happens to me all the time. i think its because im smokin too much, which i guess is about 5 puffs of a joint lol. i like the feeling but it pisses me off cuz when i eat i can't taste a damn thing. does anybody else get like this?

  2. I can agree there. But to the OP... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING?!

    I'm guessing you haven't smoked a lot which in-return you have not gotten used to it yet? I have no idea honestly, I've never experienced something like that - Not even when I first started out.
  3. Then don't eat!! Trying to lose weight here and the munchies aren't doing me any good. God i wish i had this problem!!
  4. I wish! Sounds Epic!
  5. mhmm this happened to me only once the first time i actually got high. pretty crazy
  6. low toleranceee
  7. One time more right arm got numb, only time though.
  8. smoke a little less, and get some better food. you should be in the clear.
  9. I get some really nice body highs from hash, and indicas, but ive never been "numb". Sounds like your smoking some insect repellent or something:confused::confused::confused:( and no incest repellent doesn't get you more stoned )

    " i laced your weed with insect repellent, better check the smellin', Eminem starts with an E, better check the spellin' "

  10. There's obviously something wrong going on with the guys smoke. That brings me to another question: Are you getting it all off the same exact person?
  11. okay yall are scarin me now lol. maybe i shouldn't have said numb. i can move and everything normal but it feels like i can barely feel anything sometimes, including my taste buds. when i don't smoke a whole lot i don't get like that so i think its just low tolerance. I guess its just a real heavy body high. and i get my shit from my cousin who gets it from his boy and they smoke together all the time.
  12. bro you're just really high! enjoy that shit!
  13. It always happened when I first started smoking. First I wouldn't be able to feel my tongue then mouth and it eventually turned into my body.

    Now that I toke a lot it doesn't happen anymore. You're getting really high OP savor that high before it's gone.
  14. Only my schlong. Makin' lurve all night bay-beeee.
  15. Nope, But If i'm REALLY fucked and i lean on my girlfriend it feels like I'm melting into her :S
  16. Happens to me only when i smoke Trainwreck
  17. I am pretty new to smoking but I thought it was natural to go numb. I have gotten numb more times then I havnt. Normally everything but my face goes numb.:confused:
  18. lol i think we doin to much, even tho it does feel good. i guess i have a really fuckin low tolerance. i can't even smoke half a joint without getting like that
  19. Wow I thought this was common. My body often goes numb. If I'm really high I might temporary lose all physical sense.. like my whole body will intensely tingle or something. This happen to anyone else?

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