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Anybody else think weird thoughts about certain people, even close friends (while high)?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MakerofWonder, May 8, 2016.

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    I feel like when I'm high I can see the darkness and the evil inside mostly everybody. I also start reflecting on all my relationships and I feel like I can see what the other person in that relationship thinks of me. For example I was thinking about my relationship with my parents....and I started thinking that I was a bad son to them. I started thinking that my parents saw me as a disappointment and a burden. I even started getting the idea that my mom was scared of me or something even though she's never exhibited any fear towards me. I never thought things like this before while sober.

    Even though these thoughts are mostly negative..I still enjoy reflecting on them. But part of me is curious as to whether these are valid thoughts or not. Could they all just be silly thoughts that were simply brought on by smoking pot...or could there be actual truth behind them? I am just not sure what to believe. Sometimes I feel like I'm psychic while high. Anybody else experience this?
  2. Grass City psych, line one please.

  3. You aren't physic, Go on google and search something like "when I'm high I can see through people". You'll find tons of people who realize a lot more when they are high. Usually when I'm stoned I notice if someone is being insecure and its if life has slowed down and every action I make is correct. It's really odd but I usually get these thoughts when I'm high in public. I remember being high before and reflecting about school and how I always tried to change to fit in.

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  4. Personally this is why I like getting high to have these thoughts. A few months ago I realized when I was high that I was a lazy ass. Sure I was in shape and was caught up with my classes but it made me realize I never helped around the house. I never bought stuff for my parents in generosity even though they always did to me. This is stuff I've thought about maybe overthinking it but I like it.

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  5. Those feelings are not totally uncommon but you are not psychic, at the most you have slightly enhanced intuition about others and yourself but nowhere near seeing through people completely etc
  6. Some of those could be true and some not. It's up to you to determine. But cannabis does encourage deeper and more alternative thinking.
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  7. Yeah, OP. Like everyone's saying, you're not psychic, but weed can put us in a certain mindset that cuts through the layers of BS and let's us see things for what they are. It can also put us in a mindset where we think all kinds of crazy shit that's just meaningless and goofy. I've got advice on how you can tell the difference.

    If you're looking at someone like your BFF and thinking they are evil, are you able to name examples of things they've done that are evil that maybe you didn't realize or suppressed before? Afterwards when you're sober, do you think, damn, I thought BFF was evil! lol or do you still think, Damn, I never realized that BFF is a total jackass because he did these things...

    Once revealed, the 'truth' usually sticks around in the sober mind. If it's just a silly high thought, it doesn't.
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  8. I get this same feeling often, as if I'm decoding people's body language and tone and literally hearing what they MEAN, not what they SAY.

    This usually happens after I take a tolerance break, or I smoke tons and get really really high.

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  9. I struggle with this. Sometimes, if I get too high with a friend, especially if there's something that might be bothering me about them, those negative thoughts seem to get projected onto the way I view them when I get high.

    Sometimes I've realized some really important things about relationship dynamics between me and friends/family, and then sometimes it's just me being really anxious and worried that no one likes me because I have tension with someone and it just seems to come out a lot more when I'm high.

    This is definitely a good rule of thumb. The great realizations I've had while stoned have always stuck with me, even after I finally go to bed and wake up the next morning. All the scary anxious thoughts I end up realizing were just that.
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