Anybody else think the pax mouthpiece sucks

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sammyy, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Bought a pax today and the mouthpiece kind of sucks man, its not stuck or anything but i cant get any vapor through, what ive been doing is letting it warm up, sipping a little through the mouthpiece to get airflow then taking it off and hitting it with no mouthpiece. I get huge clouds this way but it ruins the stealth factor
  2. Might actually be how you are packing and loading the chamber. You have to dry out the herb first and grind it up really good (a space case is not good for it as the stuff that falls through the holes isn't grinded enough. A cheap plastic one believe it or not works really good as getting a fine grind.
    Also you have to fill the chamber almost full for it to hit correctly so put in your grinded stuff, take like a pen cap and push the stuff down packing it but don't go real crazy. You'll most likely have more space after pressing it down so put more grinded herb in it and pack down again until it's a little lower than the chamber (figure you'll be putting in .4g-.6g each time you load it.
    Depending on how dry the stuff is, I use the low setting for nice dry stuff and smoother hits while using the medium setting for dry but denser bud. A cool little trick which sounds retarded and that it won't do anything is after grinding your stuff up, put it on whatever type of paper (I use a sheet of printer paper but anything will do). Let it sit out for 10-15 to let the air dry it up and load the chamber as I wrote above.
    You will be amazed on the insane difference in how the PAX functions just by doing that. For whatever reason, the finer you grind it and more you let it air out basically dictates if you're gonna be sucking your face in trying to get a hit instead of it smoothly flowing through the mouthpiece with just a light pull.
    This is something I had to figure out and learn myself as I had the same issues when I first got the PAX. I had 2 pneumothorax's (fancy term for collapsed lung) occur 2 months apart so I had no choice but to figure out what the problem was due to the pain in my chest I was getting sucking the hell outta the vape just to get nothing but now I always have stuff grinded up and dried in a tic tak container or whatever is convenient for you to carry or keep it in will save you time as well.
    If your still having problems let me know, maybe you can send over some pics of how your doing it and I'll see if I can give you any tips or see something that would improve the vape session.
    Be good man, peece.
  3. I didn't like how it was hitting when I 1st got my. I read and it could have been here. Pop the screen out and put it back in again. I tried that. It works like a champ now.Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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