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Anybody else strictly match these days?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Billy Mays, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking over a year and the past few months I've gotten to where I only match bowls. I don't know it seemed like half the people I smoke with always wanted me to smoke them up everyday if I had bud and bother me or would never want to deal with dealers so only have weed on them like half as much as I would.

    The dealers or whatever I started to chill with a few times only matched with most people and I kind of liked their method or whatever and I just do that these days. I let it be known like, nothing personal or anything but if you wanna chill have at least some bud to throw down. I can't tell if it makes me like a stuck up smoker or not but I don't know it seems to be the best system.

    I'll normally smoke out someone who doesn't smoke that much or is their first time or having a bad day or something but not normally.
  2. Yeah, that's fine dude.
    I mean, if it's somebody you know will smoke you up in return then you should smoke them up.

    I try to make sure if i'm smoking someone up they at least bring something to the table. Maybe buy me some food later or drive me around or something.
  3. yeah dude, gotta be cool about first timers. id never make a first timer pay. end of story. dont want bad rep. but after the second time they can match or pay by bowl. shit. ill roll them a blunt or joint and sell em. i just sold a Sour-Pineapple-Diesel joint for 40
  4. fuck that. i smoke bowls to the face! ^.^
  5. I opened this thread thinking it was about lighting your bowl with matches instead of lighters. Did anyone else think this or am I just really high?

    :smoke: :smoking: :hippie:
  6. I couldn't care less about matching.

    Weed is meant to be shared, so i share it when i have it.. if i dont feel like smoking out a homie i tell him straight up no hard feelings.
  7. Im pretty stoned. i thought that too dude. read into then i felt this guy. he getting to be a door matt and people will take advantage of that

  8. Dude door matts get taken advantage of all the time, they get walked over hella man. Why would someone turn into one?

  9. I've never heard using matches referred to as "matching," but I kind of like it.

    As for the topic of smoking people out, it really depends on the person. Usually the only time I won't smoke people out is if I know they refuse to smoke people out, or if it's a group of people without weed that want to smoke.
  10. He basically hit it on the nail.
  11. hes probably a nice guy.......that whants to share the healing plant......but sharing is good....nice people dont turn into one, it just happens espically if your a new smoker...and thoose people that fake be freind you for your weed until your dry and move on. they need to burn. its not cool. ive seen it alot.
  12. Strictly matching is pretty lame and even more stingy.
  13. I know what you mean, sometimes it gets frustrating smoking people out all the time. I usually have a pretty good amount of greens, and I smoke people out a lot by means of proximity (i.e. they're there when I'm going to smoke) and it's a part of the social culture that I enjoy. It does cut into my personal funds, but I'll do it as long as I can afford it.
  14. most the time ya i only match but sometimes if one of my like friends or just a stranger asks if got any if i tell em the truth then i will smoke them for free ill just catch it when it comes around but some times i wil lie then go home and smoke myself out:D
  15. The only time ill tell someone to match is if they have buds and are in the session. I've been broke lately and my homies always smoke me out so i just return the favor ya know?
  16. i like to get people i dont know very well high, its a good ice breaker. i also like to get my friends high alot so when im on tough times they hook me up. that said, i dont make friends with free loaders, or generally "bad" potheads. if my friends have bud (which they usually do) we match. but its all about building the relationships with the right people.
  17. U sick fruck (i used the r on purpose)!!! i tried using a match and it was THE most disgusting bowl that i have ever hit how could like it!!!
  18. Yeah man, since I got back to school I feel like I've been to the one to forget (purposely or not) to be holdin' so I've been moochin a bit but then I just smoke people when I've go it so it works out you know? What goes around comes around.
  19. I just meant the new use for the term, I've never used a match to use a bowl. It sounds much too difficult for my liking.
  20. oh then. IM A DUMB FRUCK. lol:rolleyes:

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