anybody else start school this week?

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnny Blazed, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. im going to school for the AC/Heating/Refrigeration tech program

    what about you guys, what are you taking?
  2. I don't start until next week (Thursday), but I move back on Saturday morning and I'm soo pumped! I moved all my stuff from my old house into my new house on Monday and I was so ready to just stay...but I still have some stuff to move and things of the like.

    I'm actually kind of excited for school this year...I'm going into my third year of history. I got caught up on missed credits from when I dicked around my first and second year, and all the classes I'll be taking this year are ACTUALLY interesting. Plus, London is one of my favourite cities in Ontario (wicked music scene!) so I'm so excited to go back.
  3. Yeah tomorrow.
  4. Missed the first day on Monday so now I don't have class for two weeks...Don't know whether that's good or bad. Haha. I'm just taking two classes so I can still work quite a bit. Voice and American Pop Culture.:cool: Nervous as hell though. Even the local college is huge as fuck compared to my high school back in Iowa. Can't wait to meet some new people though. 'Shall be tight.
  5. I've got about a month left. :) I just finished my last summer anatomy class yesterday.
    More copper plate engraving for me come fall and winter quarters
  6. I start school on Monday....not looking fun to the old jazz curriculum again after a summer of doing my own thang :(
  7. I'm going back to high school!
  8. I'm a third year history student at the University of Colorado, currently studying early modern Japanese history, East Asian religions, Japanese, and a history of the us from 1900-1930
  9. Me too, but not to learn, September's when I cruise around the school and pick up freshman girls.

  10. ^^ man, you always got somethin twisted to say
  11. Monday is labor day! I feel bad for anyone starting school on labor day. Classes start tus for me.
  12. I'm a grad student at MSU and I start my first class tomorrow. I'm so happy to be back in Lansing yo.
  13. Yeah, school started 2 days ago. Just tried studying for a test when I got home, ended up falling asleep twice. Not a good start, but I couldn't help it.
  14. Started back monday. I have the easiest schedule ever. Hell, mondays I have Ceramics class, and that's it. Other than that I'm taking Ethics, Creative Writing, and Biology. But my biology class doesn't start until Sept. 16th! Life is easy.
  15. Just don't cruise past the middle school.

    Thats my territory.


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