Anybody else snowed in and stoned?

Discussion in 'General' started by Soccerguy420, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. well right now in NJ we are getting a hell of a lot of snow and roads are closed and the officials want no one to go anywhere, so im just gonna stay here and smoke some goooood weed out of my bubbler and chill :bongin::smoking:

    anyone else doing the same?
  2. I'm snowed in and not stoned :(
  3. now THATS a bummer :(

    theres so much snow, so much stoned.

    its a total bummer. I always conserve in the winter for days like this
  4. got an 8th of dank and im snowed in *_*... got super high and went out and made snow angels and snow men with my lil floozsy .. so fun i didnt know snow was soo much fun when stoned.. i can here the distant wistle of the air blowing and the snow just making beautiful shapes as they fall down... today was the first time i actually looked at a snow flake and it looked like a commercial snow flake.. i didnt know thats how they actually look wtf..:eek:

  5. that sounds so good :smoking: I was dry on the snow day, but I heard its gonna snow again on monday, this time I'll be prepared. Just copped some headband :)
  6. hell yeah it was fun.. i cant wait tell we have another snow day

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