Anybody else sick of Madden?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Johnny Blazed, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I miss the NFL 2K games :(
  2. I miss NFL Street and Blitz (from the arcade).

    But, ya I have disliked madden ever since madden 64.
  3. The 2K series was by far better than Madden IMO. Madden is more like an arcade game than a realistic simulation.
  4. Ive been sickk of Madden since 03. NFL Fever was where it was at.....Im straight Call of Duty, Fable, and Soulcalibur now though.
  5. I loved the 2K sports series on Dreamcast. Something about Madden, I dunno, just liked 2K better.

    NHL 2K2 was awesome!
  6. im sick to death of madden....i wont buy another madden game until at least 2012
  7. i had madden 01 02 03 04 05 06 07, 08, and got bored of 08 and madden quick. thats because i started playin COD 4. best game ever
  8. not me

    i just started playing a few months ago & get sooo addicted :laughing:
    all my guy friends are like ":eek: you are the only girl ive ever seen play madden!!!"
  9. It's all about NCAA 09 now
    way better than punkass Madden
  10. Madden feels so wrong to me.

    So many bugs.

    Just not a game that was made well at all.
  11. i got tired of madden after they tried making it so realistic and it seems so slow and its just not fun as other football games but no1 agrees with me so basically [​IMG]

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