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Anybody else practice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Napalm209, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Well this may kind of sound wierd but i do this sometimes,when im alone, i just pack a bowl in my bong and i just milk the shit out of it, even though i know that im goin to die when i clear it but i do that anyway so when im with buddies i can take fatty hits to kind of show off...i guess its kind of like building tolerance of my lungs to smoke but idk...i guess it kind of works so i can take "cleaner" hits with friends...
  2. sure, I used to "practice" all the time when I could smoke :p
  3. i practice everyday motha fucka
  4. No, I don't practice. I just smoke weed.
  5. I practice every time that I smoke then...
  6. why do you want to show off? isnt the point to get high?
  7. ^^^ I'm kind of saddened it took someone this long to say this.
  8. Hahaha win :hello:
  9. i agree there really isnt any point in trying to take the biggest hit. its the fact that your getting stoned that matters. plus you will regret building up your tolerence because it will take you more and more to get high. but no matter what have some good clean smokey fun:smoking:
  10. Nah I don't do that, I don't think it makes you any cooler if you take a big hit or not lol. I just wanna get high ya know
  11. its a simple question but i guess some people need to practice getting lives before they post nonsense in threads...its apprentice bro so go be high and mighty somewhere else...
  12. apprentice or not, smoking to impress people is weaksauce.

  13. its not necessarily impressing people, its not looking like a dumbass..

  14. So anyone who doesn't take fatty hits is a dumbass?

  15. have you ever took a fatty hit?have you ever coughed up a lung for like 10 minutes in front of other people?..thats what im not trying to do..some people might look at you like what the fuck is his deal, cant even take a bong hit...
  16. why worry about what others think?

    are you that self-conscious? about what other will think of because u couldn't take a hit?
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