Anybody else not really believe in any specific religion?

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  1. religion is belief, science is a system where knowledge is gained from experiments and predictions.

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    The term 'belief' is not something that only is relative to religion.
    From the reputable dictionary of Oxford, the definition of the word can be applied to science. For example, you have all this "knowledge... gained from experiments and predictions." That knowledge doesn't just sit there, does it? Don't you believe it is true? I'm not posting this to be some religious advocate, but it's just a matter of perspective. Essentially -- at least in my mind -- everything you can put your own trust into is a form of belief; science, religion, love, friendship.
    Anyways, my previous reply to the OP was more about how the human race will just go in circles. It's ironic. Humanity is always thinking about progression, but we have so many traits about us that conflict, we end up just getting stuck. But hell, as long as we're human, that's how it'll always be.
  3. but I wouldn't say science is my belief. That's like saying history is your belief. Peoples belief in the bible is not the same as people's belief in science.

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    Yea man that's what I say, like fuck it.  I'll be the first one to convert if god strikes me with lightning for committing a sin. Until that happens, ill use evidence and past experiences to help me decide what to do and not to do.  
    Science is in no way a belief or belief system.  You obviously don't understand the term, science.  I recommend you look it up.
    So then what is science? Just a pile of facts you don't actually think twice about? I believe, due to preliminary evidence, that you believe that collection called science is true and logical.
    You might claim I have no idea what the term "science" is, but you certainly have a misguided perception on what the term "belief" means!
  7. Science if based on facts. You believe in a theory, then you go through the process to prove that this theory is true, so there is no more need to believe it, since you now know it. 

    But wait, I suppose I believe I know it? 
  8. I believe certain collections in science is true but I wouldn't say I believe them all, so it wouldn't make sense to say I believe in science. I believe the facts. Religion though is a belief of a whole. If someone were to say they don't believe a part in the bible they're in turn saying that the bible isn't true. Because everything is supposed to be true in the bible because god said it right?

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    Here allow me to help you with both of them.

    • \tn.noun
    • <span><span>a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws:</span><span> </span></span>
    • <span><span><span><span>systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. </span></span></span></span>

    • \tn.noun
    • <span><span>confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof</span></span>
    • <span><span><span>an opinion or conviction</span></span></span>
    \nYou can have belief in a scientific hypothesis, or a theory....basically a conviction that your theoretical evaluation is correct.  However, science itself can be as simple as the physical action used to obtain the stimulus that leads to that theoretical evaluation.  Looking at a flower is looking at a flower.  Looking at a flower with intent to gain all the truth about the flower is science.  Looking at the flower with intent to gain the truth about it (science) and being convinced it is there because it has a purpose is a belief.
    \nScience, by definition is not a belief. 
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    If they didn't think twice about it, they wouldn't bother running experiments or making observations.  Obviously, you're some kind of genius.
  11. Agnosticism.
    You don't have to believe anything or be accepted by them also. Greek mythology was the "popular" belief but people faded and now it is a myth which same thing is happening in this society, or I believe it is happening as technology improves tremendously

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