Anybody else not really believe in any specific religion?

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    Hey guys, so I have been contemplating this for a while but I feel now I don't really believe in any religion having been brought up quite Christian (used to go to church every Sunday when I was a kid). Is anyone else the same way? I mean I understand the core values of religion, but feel as long as you are a good person these should come naturally.

    Now having reached the age of 20, I feel pretty I am pretty much athiest and have lost pretty much all appreciation for the majority of my previous religious beliefs.

    Recently I have felt I have a huge respect and compassion for Buddhism, like I really get that religion, teaching you to achieve enlightenment and inner peace of mind with yourself I think is amazing. Maybe it's all the weed I have been smoking or some other unmentionables haha

    Any other athiests, or people not knowing what to believe in?

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  2. Buddhism isn't technically a religion, but they have some really cool stuff and they focus on meditation which is fantastic.
    im a agnostic myself
  3. It's just a big circle.
    Thousands of years ago, men and women created religion to explain the events that occurred before their eyes. Now we have "science" to "explain" them and religion is slowly becoming an obsolete idea (no offence is implied by this statement, just an observation).
    Just like today, thousands and thousands of years into the future, mankind will have concocted some other universal explanation theory and "science" will also be obsolete. Then there will be a schism between those who believe in science, those who believe in this new theory.
    In effect, science is just another belief, only this time around we have "logical explanations" filled with long words and graphical evidence as backup.
  4. I specifically don't believe in any religion.
  5. I believe we dont know, so theres no point having a stab in the dark.
    Technically it is a religion, but so many people in the world just implement Buddhism into their lives without fully becoming part of the religion.  Therefore, it is usually seen more as a philosophy than a religion, even though it is still very much a religion.
    @OP - I'm an atheist as well, specifically an agnostic atheist.   I don't believe in any gods, but I don't claim to know there are none.  The only claim I make is that all religions and their texts are man made and can't logically be correct. 
  7. probably most of us.. id be interested in seeing a poll, might make one later
  8. I don't believe in anything man. When we die, whatever happens, happens.
  9. I was raised Lutheran, was all in for a long time. Now Im not sure what i believe in. Im not closed off to anything though. 
  10. its hard to hold faith in any one perticular religion when we are bombarded with facts about all of them
    Shuu'uup haha ;)
    That's a very true, that's an interesting concept you have thought of. I feel exactly the same way, so many people have been told what to believe without making their own judgement and opinions on the matter. That being said people can chose what to believe. 
    I definitely agree with you though, religion is becoming more and more obsolete, like you said, to me it just seems something people use to believe in to explain 'unexplainable' events and something to give their life meaning.
    Yep that's also a tricky question. Something you will never know until it happens :L Pretty scary to think about that sort of thing, if your soul just aimlessly wonders the afterlife or there is such a place called heaven and it's just filled with gorgeous woman haha 
  14. I was never raised with a religion, I just do as I please. 
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    I've been contemplating this theory for weeks now. I came up with it on my own (not saying I'm the first or claiming rights or some shit) and ever since I'm starting to truly believe this ladder (as opposed to your circle)
  16. Yeah I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared to die. Well I'm not afraid of death itself, just what comes after yanno? We fear what we do not know. It seems to me that's why everybody is claiming a religion. They want to know exactly what happens after they die.n

    Don't get me wrong, I believe that there is something after death. I don't believe we'll just be put in eternal sleep. But idk what it is. And I'm not gonna waste my life trying to figure out.
  17. Lol...if I had to claim a "religion" it would be a philosophy. Bushido. Right Action. It's morality based on principle, not on fear of punishment. We all know right from wrong, sometimes wrong is the correct action. It's just that religions dictate what is right from another's perspective. Laws have the same built in probability of error. That is why a jury is important. With religion gods are the jury and man issues judgment based on his verdict. A verdict we have dictated by books and philosophies written by men preemptively interpreting his verdict... Not sure if that makes complete sense or not. It's complicated and personal to each individual. That is why I shun organized religions. I can deal with the individual, we are more similar individually then we we are when we succumb to the group mentality.
  18. Yeah you're definitely not alone man, most people are scared of death.... Like you said it's the fear of the unknown. I guess you will have to accept the fact that we will never know until death comes knocking on our door!

    That's why I have recently moved so strongly towards learning about Buddhism and deep meditation, teaching you to find 'peace of mind' ..... Allowing you to welcome death without fear and let your soul leave your body. Much like what George Harrison of The Beatles was trying to do if you have heard of him!

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  19. You don't really know that. Science is not a religion, it's a process.
    Belief =/= religion

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