Anybody else like to play games for fun?

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  1. I feel like when I play online there is usually some asshole getting pissed at everyone if our team is losing.

    For example: In bfbc2 my team was getting wrecked hardcore and this guy in my squad was like 'you guys are miserable. Fucking terrible. Get the fuck out of this game you faggot....' and so on. Then he quit.

    He was doing worse than me btw but I dont see the use for being an asshole to people online.

    I thought games were meant for fun. Its not like a life and death situation.

    I just wish people would calm down and enjoy the game. I think that games are fun even if you are losing, just makes them more challenging. To me its not all about winning and losing...

    I dont know, I just wanted to complain I guess :smoke: Thanks for reading.
  2. All games have people who play to win and play to have fun. Sucks when they mix on teams. :D
  3. yes, in Call of Duty and NHL I don't care if my teams loses as long i'm doing my part on the ice or have a decent kill/death ratio every game, otherwise, I do get mad, just not at my teammates. It's not fun to get a beatdown in either of those games.
  4. Only thing I get mad is when I have to wait to respawn

  5. Different strokes for different folks. Some people just like to "have fun" others like to "win".

    The problem is that its hard to win when you have a bunch of dipshit noobs on your team. I get frustrated too.
  6. Source and Starcraft2. it happens everywhere. remember halo? haha. msg me if ya play SC2 or Source
  7. Ragers, they are hilarious. Nothing better than finding the racer and suicide bombing him in what ever fashion your game allows
  8. Yeah I mean i do get frustrated sometimes but I dont see the point in talking crap to your team.

    Whatever though I just dont want to hear it because then I want to talk shit to them and that doesn't solve anything haha...
  9. No, I only play games to enhance my sense of self loathing. Never for fun :rolleyes:
  10. I play for fun, but I try to win, depends on the game and my mood on how competitive i am
  11. Its all bout tht halo odst blazzy blah
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    If im doing bad on League of Legends and someone gets pissed off i usually end up stopping playing and just make fun of them till they quit.
  13. Exactly, man, I was playing black ops yesterday and I had these guys with some obscene amount of games played talking shit to me because I wasn't doing amazing.

    Shit *****, I play once a week, I know I'm not great, but I don't give a fuck I'm playing because I want to have some fun. You can tell the kids who have no life because they're the ones acting like being bad at the game is like being bad at life.
  14. Just made some dude bug out on LoL because he was bragging about owning our team and i called him a virgin. he flipped out. MAD funny.

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