Anybody else here a chronic knuckle cracker?

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I swear I am cracking my knuckles constantly. It just feels sooo fucking good. Its like my crack. :p
  2. Yup. And a nail biter for years.
  3. My mom always told me it gives you arthritis :eek:
    but yaa

    I do it all the time and my neck too :hello:
  4. It doesn't give you arthritis so don't fear!

  5. Proof please.
  6. suburbantoker is right.. Saying cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis is indeed FALSE!

    I not only love to crack my knuckles, but each individual finger and then my wrists and thumbs if they crack,, usually only like once a day will my thumbs crack but damn does it feel good... :D
  7. burden of proof is on you
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    i crack everything that can be cracked constantly

  9. Maybe false but I got it (only) in the fingers I USED to crack...:devious:
  10. My chiropractor told me it was safe to crack your knuckles and your neck.

  11. Sure...he makes a living of people like me...:rolleyes:
  12. Yea, but that shit is addicting.... When I was younger I started to get pretty bad back pain, so my parents took me to this chiropractor who basically just cracks my spine all the way up, and then twists my neck so it cracks.. Feels so goddamn weird... It didn't even help me either.. Just made the pain worse and I would constantly want to crack my back/neck...

    I still constantly crack my back/neck out of habbit now I guess... I wonder if I never went to that chiropractor would I still be cracking my back in the middle of class? I think not. So thank you douchebag doctor for fucking up my spine even more than it already was. Kudos.
  13. i cracck each one individually
  14. i crack my fingers,neck,back,elbows(stretching my arms out reall hard), my crack anything that can be cracked...feels good
  15. ha good thread

    yea all the time. i crack everything i can possibly crack. at one point i tried to stop but i said fuck it. its something i enjoy.
  16. I hate it!

    one time my friend did it for me and it was terrible, and I hate when other people do it..

    but I do crack my ankles, and chew my finger nails but Im trying to stop.. it sucks cause Ill do it without noticing
  17. I crack everything.

    Shoulder blades
    Upper and lower back
    Feet and legs sometimes like when i wake up i do like a squat and all that shit cracks.

    And of course the one that grosses everyone one... the neck.

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