Anybody else having a 'Wake & Bake'?

Discussion in 'General' started by J.Wallace, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. :wave:

    Just smoked a bowl of some fantastic Mids. Just 1 bowl and I'm feeling great. In a few hours I'm gonna head on over to my buddies house to smoke them up for a day of fun. Till then I'm watching Cheech & Chongs: Next Movie.

    Whats everybody else up to?
  2. I think I'm about to wake and bake, watch a show, and then I'm helping a friend move. Good call, love me a wake and bake.
  3. Thinking about it. I woke up with a sore threat and churning stomach. Smoking anything sounds horrible. Just ate some breakfast, might smoke in an hour or two before I head out for the day.
  4. hahaha i just woke up grabbed my computer and walked out to the back porch bout to pack some of the stinkiest crippie i've had in a whiiileee into my bong:bongin::bongin:.hummm yummmmy
  5. not right now.. it's like 4 in the afternoon .. i had one this morning though.. well technically it was two but the more the merrier right :laughing:

    cheeck & chongs btw my god!<33

    and tonightt i'm meant to be off to a party before a big music festival thing tomorrow.. though i really don't know wether i've got enough energy lmao.
  6. Well, it is 11:05 PM, but I wassssssss having a wake n bake in the early hours of the afternoon when I woke up.
  7. lol im about to go buy a bowl down the street so i can w.b.
  8. im hittin my bong right now, some of my friends home grown head stash. its nice, then im going to go mow the lawn and have a good day. lol
  9. My baby brother woke my ass up with his stupid soulja boy music =[ Back in my room loading up a bowl in the RooR.
  10. how can you have fantastic mids
  11. Yeah,

    9:45 in the morning..

    A, and B are over.. :smoking::smoking:
  12. No, but I will eventually be smoking all day LOL
  13. doign it, woke up, turned on the laptop, fired up the vape, logged onto the city, and took a hit.

    i still have like 4 hits left out of this bowl too, and it was tiny.
  14. ive just smoked all my cali orange its 4.50pm over here in england and im smashed:Dthink i might play a bit of gears of war on the xbox then go see if i can get a smoke! my friend has got some nice bubble hash;)so ill be nice and toastee tonight he he.going to smoke it out of my chilum:smoking:have a goodun:wave:
  15. Woke up hungover, so the only smart thing to do was to get higghhhh :p

    So yes, i love a wake and bake.

  16. TS.


    Speaking of hangovers, I'm headed to see The Hangover at a matinee later. Everyone I know who saw it last night says it's an instant classic.

    Zach Galifianakis FTW.

  17. Just woke up like 2 minutes ago and im about to smoke some afghani kush. yum. :bongin:
  18. Ahh, yes! Just woke up about an hour ago, about to twist myself up a joint and eat some breakfast.... Chill and watch some tv, then off to work for the night = /
  19. Yeah I just got home this morning and saw this thread and wondered why the hell I wasn't doing the same haha. Problem solved though:smoke:
  20. I just finished cleaning my room. Gonna reward myself with a bowl and some kief sprinkled in the middle.

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