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  1. I have a new found hobby and wondered how many of you in the city share this interest. I have bought myself a new toy, its nothing special, i just wanted to have a bit of fun with my kids.
    This is not my vid, just the same toy.

    [ame=]Syma S109G Apache AH-64 - Maiden Flight - YouTube[/ame]

    But now i have bigger plans. :devious:

    [ame=]B-2 Spirit! Stealth Bomber RC JET Flight Review in HD! Twin EDF RTF B-2!! - YouTube[/ame]

    So, anybody else like this shit because im now hooked on RC models.
  2. Dude your heli is a beast, I was soooo contemplating buying one of those the other day. I was way into RC stuff as a kid, I had this really cool RSX that could go like 20mph. I had alot of those X-mods cars too when they first came out (had an NSX, a Supra, and a Skyline). For a minute I was into model rockets too, those are so fun..until you have to go chase them lol
  3. I had a petrol Ferrari Enzo about 8 years ago but i wasn't really intersted then. I think its the flying, that takes it to another level.

    Yeah the little apache is wicked, well worth the money. Im going to upgrade next week and get the bigger model.
  4. Did you pick up that little chopper at a toy store or a hobby place? I seriously wanna go grab one tomorrow lol. I like those lights on yours, and it appears to be flying very nicely, even had a smooth landing.

    Lately I have been wanting to get a RC truck that could handle going through mud and water and snow.

    [ame=]Off Road RC marathon - Transgothica scale 1:10 - YouTube[/ame]

    and check out this monster

    [ame=]RC Aerodyne: Scale AH-64 Apache 500-Size Fuselage Test Flight - YouTube[/ame]
  5. I got it from Amazon, its so easy to maneuver. Get one, you will have fun with it, well worth the money.

    I want this.

    [ame=]IRCHA 2011 - AH-64 Apache - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Ahh, good old RC helicopters.I bought a $70 a couple years back, and it worked suprisingly well. It could go up to 50 feet in the air untill winds started pushing it around....i don't have it anymore.
  7. I have a blade cx2 and they're fun stuff. I also have a Firestorm 10t for offroading which is pretty awesome, but like Ratio said, I'd really like to get something like a monster truck to rip around in deeper terrain.

    It's definitely an expensive hobby, but I guess they all are lol
  8. Every time someone in my family gets one of those helicopters they end up broken. Got one on christmas one time and within a few hours my dog ate it.

    I like those things to :(

  9. Your dog ate a helicopter?
  10. To be fair he didn't swallow it, but he fucked it up beyond repair with his mouth anyway.

  11. Oh yes, this is definitely going cost some money, but i think it will be worth it. :D
  12. My dog tried to get my one but it hit him on the nose and he shit him self, he runs away from it now.
  13. Hey P42082, whats the brand name or model # of that heli in the original post? Baked as fuck and really wanna fly one...
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    I'm building this one.

  15. S109 gyro system, AH 64 Apache. Have fun bro.

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