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Anybody else hate moochers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Herbstomped, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I have one friend that always wants to smoke but says he's not buying it anymore. WTF? So you just mooch off of everyone else's stuff? I also hate people that suggest we should smoke when they don't have any. Then there are people that get smoked up but then just never return the favor. Basically I hate anyone that smokes my shit and never even tries to repay me.
  2. No, no I love bud moochers.

    Of course, when somebody says "we should smoke" when they aren't throwing down, I find it a little rude.
    "We should smoke."
    "You got any bud?"

    TBH though, I only smoke with close friends and on occasion other chill people that generally aren't broke. Most of the time I would be willing to smoke them out anyways, since I know they'd do the same... but they wouldn't ask me straight up to smoke them out; they always end up offering to throw down money or even throw a couple dollars my way which then I defiantly wouldn't accept. But what you're mentioning I was very familiar with when I was a teenager.
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    My friends are welcome to my pot, if I'm welcome to their pot.

    Pay it forward. But I do keep an eye out for leeches.
  4. If they don't return the favor fuck em. If your friend is mooching off you call that shit out. If hes your friend he'll understand, if not fuck him too.
  5. fuck freeloaders, once and a while it's cool to be that guy that buys everyones drinks at the bar, but don't let anyone take advantage of your generosity.

  6. I agree. I love sharing my pot, but if I get the sense that people are taking advantage of my kindness, I nip it in the bud (pun).
  7. If its one of my best friends, I don't care. They've done tons of stuff for me over the years so its no big deal. If its more of an acquaintance or a friend of a friend. I have no problem doing it a few times, but I would put a stop to it if I felt like I was being used.

    Honestly never had it happen though (I mostly smoke alone).
  8. When I smoke its normally just with some good close people and sometimes we smoke together with others. With my close friends I don't mind since I know they will have get me back and then I have some friends that really only blaze when I offer it to them once In a while but I don't mind since they are genuinely good people and will get my back in other ways or pay me. I never bring it up but they end up doing it anyways
  9. Can't stand them. How are you just going to sit there time and time again smoking my weed and not even offer me a few bucks? It doesn't even have to be money, just make things even, you know? Fuckin' freeloading bastards. :D
  10. close friends you probably repay the favor = cool
    peole who ONLY talk to me when theyre dry and want to smoke = not cool
  11. Moochers yeah, but i love smoking out someone who is broke and having a bad day. It's when they ask me constantly I can't stand.
  12. Me and my close friends share with each other no matter what, everybody throws down whatever they can, whether it's papers or bud or blunts or whatever, we don't worry about someone not pitching in because we get so damn much weed for free very often.
    When it comes to dank everybody pitches in the same amount and they give it to me since I got the connects, but sometimes someone won't have money to pitch in and it's OK, we don't cut them off.
    Last time they didn't even give me half of what I spent for dank, but I didn't mind, it was the holidays.

    Now there was this one motherfucker that used to be the worst moocher ever, he didn't hang with my group of close friends, they would have unmercifully told him to fuck off, but he would drop by the house of another close friend of mine who is not part of the group but shares the same type of friendship with me.

    This guy would show up, unannounced, asking to get sparked up, would smoke and then leave, never pitched in for anything, always claimed to not have money, and then we would find out he was buying weed and never brought any.
    The straw that broke the camels back was the time I fronted him an OZ for $15 and he never payed me back, even got pissed when I brought it up multiple times over the course of a week! He had the nerve to talk down to me and brag about how $15 ain't nothing (he had 'forgotten' it was $15 and was ducking me on the basis of $10) and how I would get my money.
    Never did he pay me back.
    He drove by my friends house once again after that and he saw me there and kept driving. That was the last time I saw him. Shameless motherfucker.
  13. Lol I could never mooch.
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    Man, I have this one friend who makes a habit of that shit. He comes by, knows we're gonna smoke, but never brings any by himself. I'm always like wtf?

    For a while he lost his job, and that's cool, people fall on hard times. There's been times I've been in a rough spot and he helped me out. But now he has a job and money and just does all sort of weird shit. One day I was packing waterfalls (for nostalgia's sake, oh, high school!) and asked if he wanted one.

    He comes over, takes a big milky hit, then takes the tiniest little bitch choke and dies all over the place. BUT GET THIS. After he gets done coughing, he's like, "Man, I just can't do that waterfall! Can you pack me a hit in the bong? Please? Just pack me one hit, I don't want to hit the waterfall!"

    My piece is this giant, 9mm thick, beast of a glass Zong. Not quite the same, but almost the same as this. No sticker at the top, instead it's got 9MM sandblasted where the other sticker is.


    I'm like seriously? You can't handle the waterfall but you want me to pack THAT with a personal hit just for you? Of my own bud? :cool:
  15. ive told previous moochers the deal. My neighbor who i also work with always tries to smoke my weed (Dank weed) but never has any or buys any. And when he does, he packs a small bowl with me (MIDS/SWAG) and then asks me to return the favor by packing the bowl again with my weed (Dank weed). I told him to fuck off from now on and if im in a sharing mood, ill smoke with him. If not, dont ask.

    Also a old friend told me the same thing, "Im not buying anymore weed. But ill smoke if you guys have some". So i told him to mooch off someone else. He got the point

    Sometimes u gotta put ur foot down and tell the moochers to fuck off or pitch in. What are they gonna do? Not smoke me out? No problem, i always have my own weed. I dont mooch off other people except me :)

  16. ^^^ Yea my neighbor has told me this before also. "Yo man, i cant handle the bong. Its too much. Why dont u just pack some in your bowl instead. I can handle that"


  17. Sad part is, I packed him a tiny nug in one of my spoons and he passed it to my bf. My bf passed it back to him and after that it disappeared. I found that shit the next morning IN MY KITCHEN on the counter.

    He had set that shit down on the counter after taking one effin' hit and never touched it again. Didn't even give it back, just left it on the counter. :confused:
  18. smoke for smoke is cool, but when somebody comes around jus to smoke on my bad, not cooool man. at least drop 5 or something. but for real good friends, its whatever
  19. Sounds like my old shady friend
    Fuck them
  20. There's always that 1 guy who sees a group of people passing a joint and will stroll over and just kinda squeeze his way into the circle. That same dude will never throw down any weed, as he never buys any. I've run into cats like this more than once. People like that...the kind who just can't take a hint...need telling off or they'll suck the life outta ya.

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