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Anybody Else Ever See A Primus 3D Show? Trippy As Hell And Free Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bro420, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Man so tonight Primus and Gov't Mule played a joint concert in Charlottesville, Va and I was there. As mule was playing some buddies and myself were smoking bowls of various medical bud infront of the stage, and some guy came up behind us showing us his phone that said "lsd". (Which I bought 300micrograms of for $10!)
    Here I am at what turns out to be the opposite of what i thought was  a hardcore show. Mule's music got so insane, then Primus played with various movies and trippy lights that you have to wear 3d glasses to see. The whole 100yards infront of the stage was people packing other people's bowls. The music too was just incredible, I was so into it from all the weed and the cid. But I'd recommend to anyone who likes Primus to check out the 3d tour because if you get close to the stage your bowl will get packed. Mine did 10+ times, there was an old hippie guy packing organic sour d. 

  2. Awesome story man sounds like a fantastic night. The only thing is you're not supposed to talk about other drugs on this site  :hide:
    Other than that man i'm kinda pissed I just realized Gov't Mule is playing in Newport tonight (an hour away from me) or else I woulda took off work  :mad:
  3. ayyyy Charlottesville!! I'm over in Richmond and I go to all the concerts over here. sounded like a fuckin blast yo!
  4. I saw Primus live last year. Good show, but not great. But I haven't kept up with their music lately.
    Les hasn't slowed down at all though.
  5. My bad about the other drugs, was trying to keep it on the dl lol

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