anybody else double/tripple bag their weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. not to hide the smell or anything just to keep it fresh, i usually put my bud in a lick the top bag then in a ziploc bag then another ziploc bag alot of my friends think its stupid but i buy half ounces at a time and it usually lasts a week or more so this just keeps it fresh

    so does anybody else do this?
  2. nope.

    got a pill container.

    no smell.

    stays fresh.

    sometimes even gives dry ass weed some moisture.
  3. dude...just go out and buy urself a mason jar...youll lose less trichs that way..and you wont need to worry about freshness
    they are mad cheap too:D
  4. nope, use a glass jar instead. You don't have to keep or buy bags and keeps it preserved better.

    err ^ exactly skittlette
  5. Get a glass jar, no need for bags. I got a 420 jar from a local place, and I love it! It's air tight, and allows your bud to keep curing while its stored.

    That is a fancy example of a mason jar you can get for a few bucks at the local grocery store. These however, look cool. :D
  6. alright ill try a jar
  7. All day everday.

    1-2 roll up bags and 1-2 ziplocks. Roll up bags inside of ziplocks.

    This fire i got smells like a dead skunk so i gotta atleast tripple bag it.

    Put a couple oz's in a ziplock already bagged up and have a few bags like that.
  8. those 420 jars blow, i had a nice one and it definitely wasn't airtight.. so i gave it to pops and bought a food jar with the butterfly seal on top. Now that shits airtight.
  9. I order Tea online from, they ship their tea's in UV protective containers to keep it fresh so I keep them handy.
  10. treally though, the glass jar DEFINITELY works the best..

    thats what i use.:smoke::smoke:
  11. pill container :hello:

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