Anybody Else do any Olympic Lifting?

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  1. Hey guys, new on the forum after many years of stalking in the background I finally made an account and wanted to see if anybody else here does olympic lifting. I have been for about 2 years and I love it, I like the look people give me when im performing a snatch or clean/jerk. Anybody else here I got to share stories with?

    did you have professional coaching or you just start doing them? 
    im nervous about injuries caused by incorrect form on these finess lifts because i dont have someone that can point out what im doing wrong
    Yeah I was fortunate enough to have a teacher at my old high school who competed at the Jr olympic level, If you really wanna start it I'd say you should go to a crossfit gym, which are about everywhere, and most have a free introductory class or pay by class system. There they stress proper form and teach you the necessities to perform the lifts. After you feel comfortable with your ability I'd say you can go about it on your own. After a year Im training on my own and have a set program that has me with steady gains
    what's a good weight for a beginner at snatch and c&j
    as a % of body weight
  5. I wouldnt use that, the technique involved in both lifts is the most important thing to mastering it. I guess thats why a lot of people have no idea about them try these videos out for size, . They have many videos on technique. Once you get the technique, begin building up. I started from 65 pounds and now snatch 126 and clean/jerk 163. Patience is the ultimate virtue in these lifts
  6. yeah i love the look when i bang out a bunch of hang cleans, sometimes ill get fancy and incorporate the jerk. 
    to those who want to learn, please start light, i mean real light. just the bar until you perfect your technique and work your way slowly up with the weights. 
    it def helps a ton to have a lifting coach but it can be done by watching videos.
    one key tip, hip are so important. all your explosion comes from there, whether you are snatching, jerking or cleaning. 
  7. i am against cross fit gyms. i believe that cf does not care for safety for technique but more about how many times you can do the weight. look at the pull ups for example, cf pull ups are a joke. 
    if u wanna do power lifting, find a power lifting coach. sure there are good cf gym but majority are a liability to your health. 
  8. Yeah, look at the actual lifters in the olympics, they dont have huge roid arms or any massive muscles, its because the lifts are power/explosive focused so the power comes from your back, hips, legs. Gilly said it best, better to be humble and build technique with the bar than to go in way too fast.
    I agree but If you have no experienced olympic lifter to teach you then that would have been my best guess to learn the lifts, I despise the "air humping" pullups they do. not to split hairs but power lifting coaches would have you focus on your bench, squat, and deadlift rather than the snatch and clean and jerk
  10. going to have to disagree with you. clean is one of the most important components of power lifting...  jerk and snatch is just for the experienced. 
  11. I like crossfit in some ways, but those "kipping pullups" or whatever, dude....
    And the high number of reps for lifts like clean and jerk seems like a setup for repetitive injuries, and sloppy technique. I'm no expert though, who knows?
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    you guys are referring to fucktards that dont know what they are doing. there are just as many idiots in powerlifting or in olympic lifting.
    crossfit is not necessarily more dangerous than strongman or power lifting imo.
    there are serious athletes that do crossfit training, and there are professional coaches for crossfit. the problem with it being such a popular trend is a lot  of "fitness trainers" are trying to cash in on the fad without any expertise in the field
    with that said, kips are fuckin stupid lol
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    yeah man, i like the concept of cross fit. Olympic lifting at a high frequency and intensity is a fantastic way to get "fit" and be kind of a full body workout.
    my only complaint is that technique isnt stressed because at low weights, olympic lifts like clean, clean+jerk, snatch dont require strict technique. to do; you could even "muscle" the exercise without proper technique. 
    after a while your body will get taxed from bad technique and end of getting hurt. but again, this can happen in any lifting genre like you said. 
  15. I've been to a couple clean & jerk competitions, back when I was playing football.  Was never THAT strong but was needed for my weight class.  Was a good experience.
  16. Its true, Both oly lifts are complete body exercises encompassing all major muscles. Never done crossfit but max reps of snatch or clean/jerk in 30 secs, as said before your body will fatigue and form will give way. When i train with olympic lifts the max reps for either the major lifts is about 3 
    Hey just let the fad die out, they always do just like new year resolutions
  18. yo bros 
    ive been hitting the bump on my clavicles while doing cleans
    but not all the time...
    am i not getting under the bar fast enough or not rotating my elbows enough?
  19. I just clean and jerked my bong.
  20. Yessssss I fucking love oly lifting it has to be my favorite thing in the world right now. Snatching is the greatest feeling in the world. I'm not super strong so my clean and jerk isn't great but my snatch is pretty decent for my body weight and experience. Thanks op for this thread I'm definitely subbed.

    And about butterfly pull ups? Have any of you actually tried them?

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