Anybody Else Burn Herb with Lotus Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by andrewcarnegie, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. I bought a Lotus Vaporizer about a month ago and I've been burning herb with it ever since I started using it. It starts to smell like smoke, it burns my throat, and then I exhale a big cloud of smoke. Look inside and the bowl is completely ash. Kinda defeats the purpose of a vaporizer since I bought it mainly for health concerns, but also so I can smoke inside / in my car without any odor.
    I've contacted Lotus Vaporizer support to see if they have anything to tell me. The two herbs I have used it for so far are damiana leaf and catnip. I've also used marijuana with it, but that's before I knew how to properly work it... When I used weed the weed was still green after several attempts at vaporizing it. Then I figured out how to use it properly when practicing with the two cheap herbs (poor college student; can't waste weed learning how to use the thing).
    Anybody else own a Lotus and ever have this problem? I'm getting some more marijuana tomorrow to make sure that doesn't burn too. I know all herbs have different vaporizing temps, but the Lotus is advertised as some kind of universal one. There's not really a way to adjust the temperature on it.

  2. You adjust the temp by draw speed, how close you hold the flame to the Lotus and how long you hold the flame to the Lotus.
  3. I figured draw speed had something to do with it... I'm kinda hitting it like a pipe and should probably be more gentle/slow.
    I also noticed the two herbs I have combust at lower temps than marijuana so when I move to MJ I shouldn't have a problem.

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