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anybody eat edibles only?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CHR0N1C, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. anybody here ingest cannabis and doesnt smoke or vape?
  2. I evolved from smoking, to a water pipe, to a vaporizer to edibles. I will still hit the pipe or the vaporizer on a rare occasion but try to stick to edibles only. Brownies, cookies, butter, etc . .. Want to start experimenting with other recipes. Just started using a glycerin-based tincture. Jury is still out. Different kind of high, definitely lasts longer. Much healthier way to ingest. Give it a try!!
  3. My dad smoked for 45 years then retired to edibles.
  4. 99% of the time i eat edibles, i will take a hit or 2 once in a while. but i make my own chololate. i keep my edibles on the slightly weaker side so that i dont over do it. can always eat another piece rather than regretting eating too much! i like the gradual/long lasting feeling the edibles give.
  5. I eat edibles a lot but smoke a lot too, but I know a lot of people that only use edibles.. Quite a few people only consume edibles and don't smoke or vaporize..
  6. Retiring to edibles only myself now, I need to get rid of the buildup in my lungs. Will still smoke on occasion though. I recommend looking through BadKittySmiles' blog for recipes if you're looking, very intelligent and thorough lady.

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