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Anybody do LSA?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zeto, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. LSA, as in morning glory seeds or hawaiian woodrose seeds, after looking around for LSD for a while, and having no luck, I went out and bought some LSA seeds, I gotta say, the effect is very similar, and this drug is actually much cheaper than LSD would be. For only a buck I tried out a light dose effect, and I even got very slight open eye visuals. I'm actually still tripping here, pouring sweat like a motherfucker, then again this apartment building is hot as fuck in so cal. Tommorow, 4th of July, I'm gonna buy myself 5 dollars worth and have a strong dose trip.

    Anybody else do LSA/wanna share experiences?
  2. LSD is cheap and Salvia tastes like shit and is nothing compared to weed. even shwag is better than salvia!

  3. go for it if you like new things that taste like shit and don't get you high. just lookin out for ya man.

  4. It's not a replacement for weed.

    It's an entirely different drug that has to be smoked in a different (more high temperature) way.

    You have to take the entire quantity needed to trip in a very small period of time (one hit pref) because the trip it self is very short.

    Get it right and you can live an entire fucking lifetime in 10 minutes.

    HOWEVER... like all good things, it doesn't work for everyone.
  5. Oooh and Morning Glory....

    Dabbled with LSA a couple of times. Gave me a headache and some mild visuals.

    Wouldn't mind trying it again if it was extracted from the seeds, i've heard of it being used as an LSD production precursor and have seen extraction methods on erowid etc but a lot of them seem very "anarchist cookbook"..

    They're not "my bag" but fun nonetheless.
  6. I hope you don't mean LSD is cheap as in it being a crappy drug, LSD is my favorite drug, I like it a lot more than even weed, but my area is completely dry. LSA is a substitute, has similar, but different effects as erowid says. I'm looking forward to later today though, will be doing a strong dose, I'll post a trip report tommorow or when I get back tonight.

    As for Salvia, I don't know why people think it contains LSA, it doesn't, Salvia is its own drug, I don't know what the active ingredient is, but I'm sure it's not LSA. It's not a crappy drug really, just gotta take it right and you may have one of the most intense trips in your life.

  7. no i mean cheap as in not a lot of money. it's dirt cheap considering how much it fucks you up.
  8. I know of a distant source in my area, 10 dollars a tab, that's fucking expensive considering how cheap some real POTENT acid was back in the 80s, back two years when I did acid regularly it was 5 dollars a tab, still not cheap, but better. I wish I could go back in time to the 80s and buy me a few vials of lsd :)
  9. Well my 320 seed trip was very weird, the nausea wasn't that bad, but the trip was just fucking weird. It wasn't much like acid or anything I've felt before, more of a body feel, but it's obvious mental, you don't really "feel" it although you know it's always there, bothering you. You gotta keep "moving on" as I called it, you can't focus on one thing, you pretty much just can't think about anything AT ALL, that was my conclusion to the trip:

    "Can't think" while on morning glory.
  10. i've gone mg seeds a couple times, ive gotten the best results in washing the seeds to clean off the pesticides and then grinding them up to a fine powder and putting it in some orange juice. some nice visuals

    PASSdaDRO_2 - hey, salvia does work and it will knock your socks off if you trip on it, but its a difficult drug to work with, make sure you read up on the proper ways to smoke ect and be safe man
  11. For the morning glorys you can find them most places, i usually get mine at CVS (in the states) you could probably find them at a walmart or just a garden store and the good kinds are; heavenly blues, pearly gates, flying saucers.
  12. salvia contains some fucked-up chemical, you seriously need to get the extract or just smoke the fattest bongs, hold them in (or hold your breath - i'm not sure what it is, but you need to), and then you really start feeling stuff...

    ..not sure whether it's desirable or not. certainly isn't 'fun'. spiritual. everything was connected with like, these white lines, stretching out everywhere maaaan... if it had lasted a bit longer, i may have been able to understand it a bit better... we shall see!

    a friend of mine, who's had some random liquid extract stuff in dam reckons salvia divinorum is the strongest drug he's ever taken (including *silly* things with acid)...

    i want more!

  13. I got some salvia 15x extract and i took four hits and help them in deep and i started sweating and i had a mild trip. Its a spirtitual thing...its like out of body and in nature like...WOW...and i went numb for like an hour. Dont under-estimate Salvinorin-A(active drug in Salvia Divinorum) That shit will fuck with your head

  14. for your continued salvia research. Salvia does not contain LSA, as far as I know, only morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds contain LSA.

    I highly suggest you take a look at Sage Wisdom, or else you'll be here complaining like the rest of the salvia haters that didn't do enough research. No offense to anybody.
  15. my mom plants this shit and every year in the fall MANY seeds fall off. How many do i need for a medium trip and hwo do i prepare them? do i just eat theM?

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