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anybody can give me an idea...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blocko, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Wht kind of weed this was? it was a real dark green, not many crystals. Definately sativa, had a piney taste. not many red hairs got me pretty fucked though. Oh and the nugs were kinda small. Also it was full of stems. But that is probably an irrelevant detail.

    Can anybody give me an idea what it was? I'm just curious.
  2. an oak tree.

    hehe..rly no idea though, too many strains to pinpoint one without the pic of the plant.
  3. Sounds like indica to me. I dont claim to be an expert though.
  4. indica makes me fall asleep. this kept me wide awake.

    it looks kinda like this (excapt with less red hairs):
  5. Well that does sounds like sativa. But dark and stemmy sounds like indica.

    It will forever be a mystery.
  6. i dont think some people realize how many different strains there are, not to mention all the ones without definded strains. green, crystally, or orange hairs are all about the vagest ways of describing weed, adn with out a pic, usually even with a pic, youd never be able to figure out exactly what it was.

    but im stoned so that was really long, heh.
  7. ^^^

    Yeah, but it was true. Chances are, unless you know the person who grew it, its a mystery what kind of weed you have.
  8. dammit. growers and dealers should start labelling their bags.

  9. some do "label" them. i have this kid whos always telling me he can get purple haze, nl, and ak 47, but that doesnt mean he knows wtf is really in the bag.

    im sure grower with lots of diff strains do label there bags too, and if you got one of those, then id trust that what the label said
  10. ^^^

    Yeah, I have a friend of a friend like that. He pulls out a tackle box type of thing with all the strains he's grown labelled and seperated. It's awesome, walk over, hes like, "Hmmmm, we got some Widow, Bubblefunk, Sharks Tooth, take your pick."
  11. haha nice.
  12. i could careless what strain i am smoking long as its some good shit
  13. better than what?

    I'm curious by nature. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
  14. i think he hates you because your redundant and n00bish
  15. I got some weed. Its green and kinda bud shaped. Anyone?
  16. hmmm.. judgin by the description you gave... hmmm... i'd say you have weed... i may be wrong though..
  17. bud shaped is the good kind of weed. nice job.

    i got some green stuff, with orange hairs, and it has crystals.
    What kind of weed is this specifically, and what part of the world was it grown?
  18. I'm familiar with the concept of sarcasm. Thank you.

  19. doesnt take away from the fun of bustin peoples balls :p
  20. I feel a little hungry.

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