Anybody bought from Grasscity? How long was the shipping time?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tripping Nightmare, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. [quote name="xIE X T A C Yx" post="19250819" timestamp="1388366972"]Monday tomorrow,, will update if my bong arrives,, tuesday will be the 2 week mark since shipped. just taking it easy on this top shelf green crack i have until i can break her in.. im tooo anxious. [/quote] today is also the 2 week for mine since it's been shipped but has not arrived yet.
  2. My order shipped out on the 9th, and I still have yet to get it. 
    Tomorrow will be the 14th business day when you take in to account the days Canada Post had off (Christmas and Boxing Day), so I'm hoping for tomorrow. 
  3. Nadda today... getting really pissed i can't just smoke my new bong... maybe tomorrow it will come.. the 10th business day.
  4. That's an expensive ass spoon. I bought mine for like $7 and have had it for almost two years now heheSent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Today's Friday,, it's been 24 days since I placed my order. 17 days since my bong shipped,,. Today marks the 14th business day since shipping. Hopefully when I come home I have a new bong waiting.. prob not
  6. Any shipping that takes longer than 3-4 days is pathetic and a waste of time imo.
  7. 2 weeks and 5 days since shipped,, still waiting.
  8. how long did it finally take?
  9. I ordered a Black Leaf water pipe on March 12, 2015
    Shipped on: March 13, 2015
    still hasn't arrived to North Carolina (Midway down the East Coast, USA).
    Paid for the registered mail option
    In case anyone is wondering how things are looking these days :)
  10. About a month on average for myself. From Norway to southern Ontario CA its about 3 ½ weeks.

    The wait sucks but my lhs sort of sucks more lol
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    So my package from GrassCity arrived today 
    They wrapped it well and had lots of fragile tape stickers and breakable stickers all over it. Mine was stuck in Customs (Processed through ISC NEW YORK, NEW YORK) from March 19th until today. I never got another scan until it hit my doorstep today!
    I ordered on the 13th with (REGISTERED SERVICE), they shipped it on the 16th, landed in NY, NY on the 19th, Got to my house on the 26th!
    Black Leaf Triple Honeycomb piece
  12. dont drop it
  13. I have never ordered anything off gc, I know people(irl) that have waited over a month.  Plus I have 5 decent headshops around me.  If I ever order something here I would order something that gets shipped from the USA...although I would still have to pay for shipping so...whats the point.  
    My 2 cents.
    obviously haha
  15. I recently ordered something from grasscity and from order to delivery it took 11 days.. Not just business days.. I guess I was the lucky one out of the bunch but 11 days seems reasonable to me:).. First time ordering on here so GC, you have my trust!
  16. Oh and btw .. I live on the east coast, sooooo yeah lol

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