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Anybody bought from Grasscity? How long was the shipping time?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tripping Nightmare, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Ordered on the 9th it shipped on the 16th and left Amsterdam on the 18th and is on it's way to canada. Currently still waiting for it to arrive I'm hopping it will be here Monday.
  2. And the pipe might be color changing glass so it will look like the picture over time.
  3. A while 1-2weeks I was pissed off till I got free stuff!
  4. [quote name="Kush cookies" post="19237453" timestamp="1388165088"]A while 1-2weeks I was pissed off till I got free stuff![/quote] what all did u get for free?
  5. Metal pipe, gauze, skins, roach grinder and a tin, not the best stuff but better then a kick in the steens!
  6. 5 business days.. east coast US
  7. [quote name="Kush cookies" post="19237585" timestamp="1388166941"]Metal pipe, gauze, skins, roach grinder and a tin, not the best stuff but better then a kick in the steens![/quote] can't go wrong if it's free though I hope I get some free shit.
  8. Their shipping is high, prices aren't cheap either. Love my amazon prime, ordered shit yesterday... arriving today, free shipping.
  9. HOLY FUCK $80 for a spoon? Go to the headshop and get a nice one for $15-25. 
  10. I ordered back early december, shipped out on 13th still hasn't got to west coast. 2 weeks today.
  11. I live in the west coast too, I might just end up going to the local head shop to get one
  12. worth it to me, none of my locals carry any glasss that isn't ridiculously over priced. Hopefully comes in next couple days.
  13. I placed my order on 12/10/13. It shipped on 12/17/13. I am located in the Bay Area in Cali and it's the 27th now. It's been 10 days today since its shipped. Next time I'm just gonna go to a head shop... I pray i dont end up waiting a Month. Has anyone gotten their bong yet? I've seen several post claiming they've gotten theirs in 8 to 10 days from shipping. Non business days.

    I'm so impatient.
  14. I'm in the same boat, very very impatient, all i wannna do is dab. I just broke my dome on my other bong too. Hopefully a month is not right.
  15. I always order during big sales so my shipping pays for itself, I've ordered 5 times through the shop. Last time I ordered was during black friday and the bong got to my door under two weeks, im in oregon BTW
    GC always gives me extra stuff too like screens and papers, couple grinders, joint holder etc
  16. Damn it's saturday and no bong yet... two weeks out :(
  17. Ughh,, I haven't even checked outside my door yet. Most likely it's not there. .
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    Seriously though WTF you're legit spending that much for that spoon? Not worth it. You could get 4 nicer ones for that much money. 
  19. Monday tomorrow,, will update if my bong arrives,, tuesday will be the 2 week mark since shipped. just taking it easy on this top shelf green crack i have until i can break her in.. im tooo anxious. 

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