Anybody been to Spain??

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  1. Hello my friends,

    Sometime in the future I am seriously thinking about moving to Spain and living on my own organic farm growing various fruits, vegetables, and of course a little greenhouse with only the finest Cannabis.

    Before this though i will have to go to and finish culinary arts school so that i can become a Chef somewhere near my residence and maybe open up my own restaurant at some point.
    I already know Spanish but i think i will develop it a bit more just to be comfortable with it.

    Anyone have any experiences going to or living in Spain? If so does my dream seem possible?
  2. I went last year over spring break and loved it. Theres so much to see and do. The night life is awsome. I dont remember going to bed before 2-3am. and places like toleto madrid and bareclona are awsome. I loved the bull fights. Id like to go back once this economy gets better.

  3. I'm going to barcelona. In a couple years... :eek:
  4. Once i finish school i'm taking a trip across Europe. Spain is going to be one of my main stops.

    Also going to Italy, gonna see the Roman Collosseum.

    And lastly Ireland, land of my ancestors:D
  5. Went last February for 2 weeks and loved it. Like someone posted above Madrid and Toledo are awesome cities to check out, but I spent time in Salamanca and loved it. It is a kick ass city.
  6. All these stories sound pretty sick, does my plan seem pretty reasonable w/ Spains climate and such?
  7. Went to Spain last spring break...they're pretty lax about public tokin (its super easy to get away with) and the cops prob wouldnt bust your balls about it anyway. Also caught a wiff of some dank when i was at Bernabeau (Real Madrid game). As far as the climate it depends where in the country you choose to live. Without that its kinda hard to answer
  8. What if it was in the Northern area near the coast? Im not positive exactly what area but definitely the northern coastline would be preferred.
  9. It all depends on where you want to live. In madrid and barcelona the weather changed constantly. One minute it was sunny then the next it a downpour.
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    i lived in Bilbao in the basque country for 5 years, travelled much of spain and yeah its fine for smoking and growing, just dont flaunt it like an idiot, my friend grew plants on his window from natural sun and there was no problem at all.

    lots of nice people provided your not from south america or look brown/indian, sad but true, racism is an integrated part of spanish society, to a disturbing extent, ive walked through the streets with my black friend from the UK and had people stop and stare like we were on fire or something. also my mother who is colombian had worked in some very decent jobs in the UK could only get work as a waitress due to her race and was treated like utter dirt. i am very lucky to not look south american or my time there wouldve been much worse.

    i know this sounds quite bad but this is a totally honest depiction of my familys time in spain, theres alot that i love about that country but much that disgusts me to the point of feeling physically ill.

    this is only from 3 peoples experience of spain.

    despite this theres many decent people and night life is very vibrant and fun. i was quite a weird kid when i was in spain and i wasnt treated very well tbh but overtime i made some of the best friends il ever have, it pains me to think of them being so far away but theyll be my mates forever. good balance in weather from horribly cold to horribly hot and everything inbetween, depends on what time of year.

    despite all those defects of spain, i regularly go back and visit and have the time of my life, partying hard and seeing the gigantic group of mates again makes for an amazing time.

    edit: also very attractive girls and amazing beaches, summer was fantastic.
  11. got a friend who lives there n visits america every once n awhile n my friend went there with him but anyway, he said all every1 does is sit on benches n smoke joints all day, seriously! also like said before the nightlife is crazy!

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