Anybody been caught growing?

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  1. hi everyone i was just wondering how many people here had been caught growing. if possible i would like details on how many plants you were growing at the time and what your sentance was?
  2. ....but why...?

  3. I'm guessing he is considering growing but wants to know the possible consequences. A legitimate question.

    However, I personally have never been caught growing but would also be interested to learn what sentences people who have been caught recieved.
  4. Well I'm pretty sure it's a felony in most states, I would say all but I don't know about the states where marijuana is used for medical purposes. It also depends on how many plants you are caught with.

    In Tennessee the laws are as follows.

    10 plants or less - 1 to 6 years and a 5,000 dollar fine.
    10 to 19 plants - 2 to 12 years 50,000

    I doubt you will be growing more than that, but the penalties increase with more plants. Also Tennessees laws are a little harsher than most, but regardless your looking at some time if you get caught. Just be careful, grow inside, don't tell anyone, and you should be ok.
  5. this is my second grow and recently in my area of the uk a few people have been caught but these have been large setups with about 20 odd plants but you never hear about sentancing i was just wondering. and for your info im only growing one. i was wondering would that be classed as possesion or something else?

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