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Anybody Actually Smoke Just Tobacco Out Of Bongs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hoppka47, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. beside buying a new bong and having no bud but wanting to try it out
    or poppers
    or batch
    or a dare
    anybody really just smoke tobacco bowls all day instead of ciggs.
     I wonder this cause I got into popper recently and am thinking im getting to into the nicotine rush. I could not imagine doing a full rip of cigarette tobacco

  2. Ok, if you're going to smoke tobacco out of a water pipe, I suggest you get some pipe tobacco instead of smoking cheap and nasty cig tobacco. i smoke pipe tobacco on occasion and it's rather pleasant on the lungs. i don't suggest doing it all the time as tobacco is really unhealthy in general though.
  3. ive seen a few people try bong rips of the dirt tobacco inside blunts. every time they've thrown up everywhere 
  4. Flavored hooka tobacco only.

    Taking a fat bong rip of cig tobacco will send you into a coughing attack for a couple minutes. You'll cough up a lung with cheap cig tobacco
  5. Yes, well no...well, sort of.
    I was smoking poppers for a while, than switched to batch bowls. 
    A friend turned me onto some really good tobacco leaf (all natural, no processing or added chemicals) It's a very fresh smell, clean burn, and good taste. 
    When I was quitting smoking cigarettes I would take little rips of tobacco out of the bong just to hold me over. Like if I was heading to work, and didn't want to be stoned, I would just snap a small pinch of tobacco.
    The natural leaf makes a WORLD of difference. 
  6. I have. small rips of tobacco out of a bong. Like a small pinch of weed just a small pinch of tobacco. One of my friends puked on it a few times but I've never puked not even once from doin it. However it gave me a bad cough so I stopped. But let me tell you that head rush is amazing. I close my eyes after I do it and everything is spinning

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  7. that is fucking disgusting. 
  8. Dude fuck ya! I do it all the time. I got quite a few friends in college that Ive made them love it! We went out all the time at night and took phat rips. If you are a cougher, it will make you cough the first couple times. But dude, you get A GREAT fucking head rush. I am actually ganna take a few rips in a couple minutes. Its so fucking nice. MAKE SURE it is PIPE TOBACCO, it is the best for getting high and taste. I prefer CaptainBlack (in the white package) as it has given me and my friends the best head rush. But ya, you can do it by yourself or in between bowls of MaryJane. Dude, its nice. Head rush hits within the first five seconds, lasts for a couple minutes, and then starts to mellow between the 3-10 minute mark and its just nice and normal after that, till ya take another hit +.+
    The only difference between pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco is that it's cut differently. Cigarette tobacco is a fine chop, while pipe tobacco is long and stringy. I roll my own smokes, and I buy bags of pipe tobacco instead of cigarette tobacco just because it's cheaper, but there's really no difference. I just cut mine up with scissors.
    Also, I've smoked tobacco out of a bong before when I was out of papers, and it was harsh and disgusting. Wouldn't recommend it.
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    Well, usually pipe tobacco tastes a hellofalot better, and it burns better. Thats at leastmy experience. And of course, its cheaper due to wierd tax laws that tax fine cut "cig tobacco" and dont tax nice and thick "pipe tobacco." But seriously, dont just rip up a cig, it'll be nasty. If you get a good smelling and tasting pipe tobacco thats nice and thick, as well as cheap like captain black (just my oppinoin), its fun as fuck.
  11. Isn't Obama doing some stupid tax on pipe tobacco too?
  12. Ya, but its going to be on EVERYTHING related to tobacco. So everything should go up (if we are unlucky) evenly, and pipe tobacco should be still less thancig tobacco. I voted for the guy and to legalize MaryJane in WA, neither of these I regret, but cmon' Obama, be chill!
  13. Flavored hookah tobacco will not be efficient in a bong. It is Burned indirectly by coal in water pipes. As far as cigarette tobacco is concerned , I warn you of harsh smoke which is gonna make you sick of you do regular sessions. You can do it occasionally though.
  14. Tobacco is gross:/

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