Any1 grow NL#5 X BB

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  1. Mornin GC, I was looking around for my next grow strain and saw some NL#5 X BB from Gypsy Nirvana. has anyone ever grown this strain and if so how was the smoke/high?? also i saw the seeds at the seed botique, anyone ever order from there (im sure someone has) how was the delivery time/packaging. Any iinfo would b KIND Thanks.... Peace
  2. Wazz up GC, No one's grown this strain?? I'm sure someone has... How about smoked it, Thats my real question, how waz the smoke/high and potency?? I guess thats what I really wanna know.. . Any help b apprishd thanxz.. Peace....
  3. hey there fellow PA'er,. as you know from my grow chronical I've grown NL but not sure about all the #5 X BB stuff :p Dr Chronic is where i got my seeds from and where i plan on ordering from again for my next grow, his shipping is awesome!..and on his site he gives the THC percentages so you know which is more potent. Maybe ask on ICMF, more actual growers and less drive by picture droolers on that site :rolleyes: so you'll prob have better luck finding someone who's grown such a specific NL strain.
  4. I popped 3 or 4 NL5xBB beans in the past which unfortunately were all male. They leaned pretty heavily to the sativa side and they were all very uniform which is unusual in my experience with Nirvana seeds. They were very hardy and quick growing and tend to stretch quite a bit. It is possible but can be a handfull to grow them in a small grow area. I did use them to make some crosses and the resultant offspring were nice.

    I've never used seedboutique but lots and lots of people do. I think you'll be fine ordering from them or you can look at Dr Chronic.
  5. some guy on another forum (best grower I've seen) is growing some... this guy has the most awesome, gi-mungous plants I've ever seen anywhere.

    This is his NL X BB... I dunno.. doesn't look like I would want to try it... :rolleyes: heheheh


    Here is one of his "best of the best pics" (strain = SSH) ::: DROOL :::

  6. Fuck y would ya wanna try and grow buds that look like that??? LOL

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