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Any1 fuck with Gabapentin or Trazodone?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Diceman, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Ive done the research on em and before anyone mentions it yes ive checked them out on erowid.

    Ive even taken some already.

    Im just curious if anyones taken these before and have any tips or thoughts on them

    The gabapentins are 800mb and the trazodones are 100mg
  2. I've taken Trazodone before. The first time was just to get a better nights sleep. The second time... I took 3 and I didn't feel it. I waited for a couple of hours and I almost forgot I took anything and I stood up and lost my balance, knocking a bulletin board off of my friend's wall.:p
  3. Let me know what happens with that gabapentin your dosage plus results.
  4. Swim used to take 2,400-7,200mg of gabapentin (neurontin) and found it to be pyschoactive although not really euphoric. Sometimes swim felt drunk and food tasted better as well as music sounded better. Swim would take it if he had some lying around but wouldn't seek it. It didn't really help swims anxiety (the reason it was prescribed).
  5. i used to take trazodone for insomnia... didnt really do much. not my kinda high. it will put you to sleep if you let it, or if you try and fight it and stay awake, it will make you kinda weak, drowsy, and a little disoriented. not all that fun.
  6. Ok ive played with both the pills now

    The trazadone did exactly what was described...helped me ease into sleep. Not a rec drug at all but I do have trouble sleepin sometimes so ill save these little guys

    The gabapentin isnt bad. First I took 1200mg with 2 hydrocodones and even after the hydro wore off I still felt just a good warm comfort

    Kinda relaxes you and puts you in a good state of mind. More social aswell. I was showin my dad that shit on mars on my laptop lol I never do that kinda stuff sober

    Right now im on 1.5hydros and 1600mg of the gaba. Feelin warm and everythings runnin smooth. Makes you content with whats going on around you
  7. I have about 75 gabapentin pills but they're only 100mg each, lol. From an old presecription but the pills dont expire for a month or two. Would it be dangerous to take a bunch of these gelcaps at once as opposed to a few of the 500mg ones for example? Maybe I shouldn't even fuck with the stuff.

  8. I dont THINK its any different. Amount of pills shouldnt matter just the total mg of the drug taken

    If you took say 16 of your 100mg pills then its no different then me taking 2 of my 800mg

    As long as the gabapentin is the only ingredient. Does yours have anything else in it?

    Thats tight you got the gelcaps. Thats the main pic on erowid for gaba. Ive got these powder monster horse pills I gotta choke down lol
  9. oh boy, trazodone? yeah, my idiot friend stole some of that shit and needless to say, i tried it and i couldn't breathe out of my nose AT ALL. apparently i was also an idiot for joining him, but he had told me it was fun. except.. it really was not worth it, even if i had taken it orally which i should've in the first place
  10. I took 1200mg of gabapentin 2 and half hours ago and five mins ago I realized I feel awesome. I'm soo comfortable I'm loving music and honestly I just took a piss and I wa slike damn this is relaxing.

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