any1 from central pa ?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by blazedreamer, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. heya everyone

    i'm from pa for right now anyways. my gf and i are living w/my 'rents :eek:( lol its cool cause its rent free/no worries basically. we're just lookin for some cool people to chill out with, meet up, whatever.
    i'm 29, she's 23 we love to watch movies write paint hang out online lol we're just sorta bored
    well everyone take care

  2. guess no one is from PA...oh well my gf and i are just out lookin to make some new friends/people to hang out with, chill party whatever its called nowadays :)
    we usually just like to smoke watch some movies play video games or paint write whatever we happen to be in the mood for at the time
    take care
  3. nowhere near! but Hi to both of you, welcome to the city!
  4. heya mcurry
    thanks for the welcome :) makes us feel at home now

  5. sup peepz, i'm from pa where u @
  6. heya,
    we are 25mins from Lewisburg...south of there
    where r u from? nice to meet u by the way
  7. well...PA I know allright..but not from the area..BUT nevertheless, welcome to the, you sound like fun tho.. ;)
  8. thanks for the welcome :)
  9. welcome

    i'm between pittsburgh and erie

  10. here, saddly.... nice ta meet ya
  11. I'm from Indiana, but welcome to the City!!

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