any1 eva do skittles?

Discussion in 'General' started by uhduh10, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. yo i did some todaya nd i feel do as fuck lol =]
    what other over the counter drugs r good any1 know?
  2. Skittles are ok, I like M&M's personally...
  3. i would like to someday eat either skittles or gummybears til I throw up just to see what it would look like.
  4. skittles r little red pills. or u can chuge liek half a bottle of the liguid ha r u two joking im talkn bout triple c's like cough medicine.. lol makes me feel soo good haha
    liek when ut ake them u feeel kinda gay b/c u takn cough medicine but later on u feell amzin lol.. ha b/c it has dxm in it =]

    we jack that shit from pharmacys ha
    u shoudl try it its tight lol
  5. Corecidon is bad for ya bro. Try Robotussin... Better high, less.. Make your eyes bleed and cause heart attacks...
  6. i think robotessin is the one i had actaully..
  7. You give drugs a bad name
  8. o im sorry =[ what i do?
    lol.. first time chillax ha and fuck it feels good so who cares. lol
  9. I popped my share of Skittles back in the day.
  10. lol c this guy knows whats up ha
  11. yeah I'm a pretty big dex head, love the stuff. Stay away from CCC's though. Only buy products with DXM as the only active ingredient
  12. exactly my friend u know how to do it lol =]i still feel goos as fuck
  13. You probably said 'you feel good as fuck' like 20 times already, we get it. I never tried DXM. Never wanted to. But if we are talking about skittles, I like the tropical kind, lol.
  14. Since you've never tried it, you wouldn't get it

    But as someone who has been where he is, it's hard NOT to say you feel good man...... :D
  15. ha sorry man but i do.. ive srsly been like listenin to tehcno 4 liek 3 hours sstraihgt.. wierd i no but w.e.. lol... this robotesin shits fun as fuck..

    and yah tropical are baadass lol
  16. Haha where I live, skittles are E. You think techno's good on DXM...oh mannnn. You need to roll. :D
  17. Watch alice and wonderland, I have watched that movie hundreds of times trippin balls on Dex. Good times, and for anyone who flames the drug, you dont know what your missing.:(
  18. rly? every1 round here calls the dmx shit skittles and x...x.. lol... or rolls. w/e ha i rly want to tho.. but i dont trust buying x from sketchy ass dealers around here.. so.. w/e

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