any1 else have a :)GREAT:) day..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. besides no goods from ne1 in the area sept some like 20$ eight of ok bud n 20$ for idk waht it was it was nice.. then i get a bub for 10$ one ive wanted for a while.. then i come home n find a fuckin gridner (i sware my dad took it i see some brown crap in it looks like tobacco kief.. ima have to clean it)

    got some nice headies (the 20$ thing) to try out .. n maybe some playboys!:D
  2. post a pic of the bubb . i want to see that shit!
  3. i will tom when iget moms cam!
  4. Damn if it's somewhat of a decent bubbler than it's a steal for 10$. My day has been fine, just got home about 5 minutes ago and my first day of classes is tomorrow, tomorrow morning is gonna be rough.
  5. O yea- I had a great day.

    Nice wake and bake before work.

    Got a lot of shit done before my lunch.

    During my lunchbreak I was able to get home and grab a quick toke.

    After lunch I kept the momentum going and finished up everything that I wanted to accomplish.

    I just got home from work- I'm going to smoke a bowl then change my spark plugs & wires.
  6. my day has been amazingly great! I Havent smoked in 9 days and my car is broken down. So earlier today my bro picked me up and i bought a half O of some nice beasters with alot kief for 85$ Rolled a fatty blunt and smoked that shit with my bro. then did some bong hits. then another blunt i was rolling ripped so i mad little blunt joints i smoked one a minute ago and im going to smoke one for tommorows wake and bake.:hello::smoke:
  7. just finished the best weed i have ever had and outta my days good for now:p
  8. Smoked my first bowl after a week of detoxing for interviews, been awsome as fuck
  9. Met some new chickies, having a wonderful day. I love being back in school.
  10. i love not being in school anymore
  11. Well, after dropping out and coming back it's feels fresh again.

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