Any Writers out there?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Just wonderin how many of you guys write, and if you use pot as a tool or what? I have my reservations about writing high actually, i find that if i'm to high, my writings are good, but come to no real point. THey just sorta... are there. But when i'm moderatly high, like just a bit cheify, i'm at my best, more creative, yet able to bring everything to a real valid point and or outcome. :) just wanted ta share, i'm all high now, cant ya tell? No point here... other than just bein a stoner, and missin talkin to my stoner friends atm so i'll talk to u stoner friends :p

    did i mention i'm stoned?
  2. I write, and sometimes high, but it's all when the inspiration strikes me. I also go to a weekly poetry slam. (For those of you who don't know what slam is, it's here.
  3. wow man thats cool, i didnt know u wrote. Hehe, yeah i need to be inspired as well to do any good.
  4. omg yes i write when im high, it is a tool for the mind. it opens up a part of you that is closed when you arent stoned you can see and feel things that arent normally there. its like you are open to the world and to all of your feelings and issues and sometimes others too.
  5. i used to write alot - always high. it kept me from being distracted by what was going on around me.

    i stopped writing for a long time, but i recently took it back up. i don't know why i stopped. it's so relaxing to smoke a bowl and let the pen flow.
  6. I write a lot, normally not when I'm high. I'll jot down all sorts of things. I've been trying to write a movie script, but I've hit a road block on what I need to do next. I used to write music lyrics like everyday, but I've got no more lyrics left in me for now. I've tried writing stoned and it never seems to work out, but I don't mind, I usually write during school anyways.
  7. Yeah I write some original fiction, ( as I mention here :p.

    I used to write quite dark fiction, not high at the time. Haven't written much for a while, though I'm starting to produce some new stuff.

    Sooner or later I'm going to type some stuff up and post it to my website (when I get the website finished), but hell, you know what it's like with stoners.
  8. I write poetry.. i like doing it while i'm high.. it helps me get the head-to-paper flow going better than usual.
  9. hell yeah i write when im stoned. When im writing though, it only comes out in two forms. either it comes out in some of the most off the wall trippage stoner stories ever, or its all really philosophical.
  10. I write all the time... stoned or sober. You can tell the difference though. If i'm stoned, my writings are deeper in thought and have alot of feelings buried beneath the words. If i'm not stoned, my writings still reflect what i'm feeling inside but they are not quite as elaborate as I would like for them to be. Sometimes, when i'm stoned of course, i'll flip through my raggedy ass notebook that is filled with random jottings from the last two years and change/add to writings that I thought were complete. Who knows, maybe someday that "raggedy ass" notebook might find it's way to a priting press and wind up in bookstore near you! (Hey, a dude can dream can't he?)

  11. pot gets me thinking about ideas to start writing. sometimes the ideas hit me like a brick when i'm stoned, thinking way faster than i'm capable of writing. poetry is easy on weed but stories/ficition is hard. ok, i blaze then if i have an idea too good to not write, i write. but i never finish them. what stoner has the energy to write a book on the spot?
  12. I am an avid fiction writer. I have one published short story (in a journal no one reads, and i got no cash for it =P)

    I am on the third chapter of my first novel. I started writing it for NaNoWriMo ( in november, and haven't touched it much since . . . until lately. I am also writing another short.

    I write Sci-Fi with a bit of fantasy, horror, and noir thrown in.
  13. for me, sometimes its ok to write when im high, i think that im creative, but i think more when im high so there are a lot of things that come to my mind when im high and i use those as inspirations. but writing sober or slightly high is cool too. lol i cant decide but oh well. when im sober, i can concentrate better and dont forget things. but sweet.

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