any word on pa decrim?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by tokehouse, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. after the whole phelps thing we had a front page article on weed....anyone hear anything?
  2. we need to get something going in PA
  3. yea i know....ive been trying to get osmething going for so long but nothing is happening are you form pa?
  4. We gotta at least work to decriminalization. Anyone know who is the most pro-cannabis of all our representatives? Maybe we can convince one of them to introduce some legislature...
  5. I have seen videos on youtube of debates to legalize it in pa. It wasn't any huge debate though. I wouldn't be surprised if the question has already been brought up to decriminalize weed here. I wouldn't take my word for it though.
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    We don't even let the really sick/dying have marijuana, but neither do most of the states. So were a bit behind here on movement on the East Coast in the US. Until at least half the states go medical marijuana this task might take awhile.
  7. Comon PA decrim it so I can toke like an Indian, in peace:rolleyes:
  8. they just had something on the news about it being legalized in pa because the economy and stuff....i dont know too much about it but im gunna look more into it. does anyone even know who we would go to for this?
  9. Representatives or Senators so they can write up a bill and get the process moving, it's gotta go through a shitload of bullshit though. Stupid politics, all politicians should be required to toke up daily.:hello:
  10. ahah. yea i know.... if they just looked at it the way we do than this world would be more war.... no global warming. weed is really the answer to all these problems
  11. I think it would be rad if they decrimed it in PA...I would be sooo damn happy. I haven't herd ANYTHING on the matter.

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