Any Wiccan out there?

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  1. Hey I was just wondering if there were any other wiccans out there.
  2. Im not really one but Ive looked into it quite a bit
  3. yeah yeah.... is there any out there?

    *lights up tourch* ;)

    [ to any wiccans / that was a joke ]
  4. Torch*
  5. i had a friend in high school turn goth and become a wiccan. Correct me if im wrong but basically being wiccan means you think ur some sort of a witch?
  6. You practice witchcraft but you dont think you are Harry Potter or anything
  7. You would be surprised how many people actually think this... I studied Wicca and other forms of Paganism for a while and the amount of questions I had that sounded shockingly similar to that were staggering.

  8. Those people are more interested in the movie than the actual craft itself. Not too different from larpers
  10. Excuse me. I was looking at talk to other wiccans. Stop getting the notifications if you don't like it :) Have a great day.
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    Instead if bumping 4 ancient threads. How about start ONE new one.
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    lol "i wanted to talk to other wiccans" so you bumped a 5 year old thread....(among 15 other threads 3 or more years old)
  13. I still have a love potion recipe given to me by a Wiccan member. I swore to secrecy or I'd pass it along.
  14. Well for being 5 years old i just got 7 more messages on it.. Now 8
  15. Meeeee ️
  16. Cool :) How long?
  17. Not too long, about 2 years.

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