Any Weed Fests in Chicago?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Business Conferences and Trade Shows' started by MrWeedsMunchies, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Chicago is such a large city for festivals and entertainment, is there any fests directed to the cannabis community? I know there is a a trade show or two, but I am unaware of any fests like Seattle, Ann Arbor, Las Angeles, etc.
  2. I quite agree with your opinion MrWeedsMunchies
  3. Doubtful that they would score a permit. If you haven't heard of one there probably isn't one. There usually is a mass smoke out, weed protest in lots of big cities but they tend to be un-organized.
  4. Yeah..that's what I'm seeing. I know there was an annual one years ago but it must have lost its popularity. I guess at this point I'll have to drive up to Madison, WI. to get my fix :)

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