any ways to make a plant shorter and bushier?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pasteurised, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. does anyone have any methods to prune plants to keep them shorter?

    i have just started growing and am having some problems with plant height.


  2. Go look at the stickies, if it is't there I'll eat a coir disc for breakfast! The earth girl, and all the moderators, and many, many of the board are willing to help you, but do your home work please. If you are not serious enough to take this seriously, how can we? Tell us about your set up. If you are having a height problem, it could be caused by insufficient lumens. After you have read about ways to manage your grow, and we know what your set up is like, we can talk SOG, SCROG, BOG, with enthusiasm, and many other tweaks for keeping a grow confined, yet manage an excellent yeild.
    If you learn to do this right, from the start, you will grow to love it, and your babies, and it can be an adventure and a refuge.
    L8R NU-B, your friendly neighborhood earth girl...
  3. Training (aka tying it down) is the way I usually do it..I dont so often go with the fim(pruning etc) type earthgirl said, go out and do some reading, do some searches for Training, tying down, and other things of that sort. They will all help your plants gain more width and less height..good luck.
  4. On the other side of the coin is topping the plant after about 5 nodes, this will give you a nice bushy plant, not really for the weak of heart or the nu-b though, go read a thread!!!!!!!!!
  5. light supression, more advanced though, you have to put a powerfull light close enough to stop them growing big, but also not burn them, i have pics of some i did this way somewhere, try searching for them, if not i'll dig them out for you..........makes them bushy and hardly tall at all.........Peace out........Sid
  6. you mean using too much light>?
  7. kind of......what i do is gradually introduce the clones, or recently sprouted plants under a 150MH, and keep the light close with fans blowing across it to keep the temp down........and gives them a realluy thick stem.......these pics are under the HPS from a previous grow, it's hartd to see but they are less than 4" high...........Peace out........Sid

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  8. pic 2......Peace out........Sid

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  9. I read a good article this morning from Clemson University that used light absorbing material to limit plant hieght and internodal distance.

    The far end of the red light spectrum contains the wavelengths that enhance stem growth. They used several types of material to filter out this wavelength and were successful in limiting plant growth and internodal distances. They used a copper sulfate solution dye injected between the layers of glazing material in a greenhouse and used a photo-absorbing plastic sheeting and both worked equally well.

    Anyone interested, I'll go look it up and post the link
  10. i'd like to see that poppa, as i was thinking of doing a little outdoor grow in a plastic greenhouse......the small type that costs like $40 or something, and just goes up behind your house.........or someone else' out........Sid
  11. Some memories have been sparked! Way back in my earlier grow's, when I had it comfined in a closet, and going 24/7, and working from my first exposure to I wasn't interested in end product, back then. The miracle of botany grabbed my newly recovernig brain, and I tried everything, at least until I could see it was nonsense, or genius. Or got sick again. My notes from back then look like chicken scratches, and were in some kind of doublespeek, seeming undecypherable to this me.
    Theoretically, you can't have too much light. As long as all other factors are equal, you are only limited by the equipment available. I maximize my light by placing reflectives beneath and all around to create a bowl-ish effect. This also contributes to the internodal closeness.
    The nearer redspectrum may be a trigger for the producton of flowering hormones. I usually place spots of hotred among the whites, when I begin 12's. Studies showed up to 30% increase of fruit from cherry tomatoes with a bright red ground cover, instead of the usual dark.

    I've kept some 3wk's (carefully hardened) 4" from 175W MH with the fan aimed right at the bulb. Made those babies dance and weave and making thick tough stems. and created the most beautiful little carpet of scrog you ever saw. I curved the screen to follow the light, added wire sides as needed.
    But I had an 'episode' and burnt the poor babies, and learned some valuable lessons about trusting electical devices.
    Earth girl wishes you all the best and finest kind! That was fun...(^8}

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